Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Music Is My Life

As my last post shows, the 80s were a great time from a pop culture perspective, all things considered.  Musically especially, and not only do I love 80s New Wave even today, but for many decades, most of the music I listened to was literally and only marginally evolved from 80s New Wave to begin with.

That said, the last five years or so has been my big exploration of a totally different musical scene; the rave scene of hard trance, hardstyle, progressive trance, some hard house here and there, and the various permutation of acid into techno, trance, and other styles that flourished from the late 90s to the mid 00s in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Switzerland, northern Italy, etc.  The scene is still going with new stuff even today, but most of the real classics come from that window.

Anyway, here's two versions of one of my favorites from this era, DJ Dean's "Music Is My Life."  While there are actually several really good versions of it, the best one, I think, is the Dave Joy Remix.  Dave Joy is actually Michael Hunziker, a Swiss DJ who had a few hits of his own, a few hits under a collaborative name with a few friends (Basic Dawn and Schattenmann) and who did a few great remixes here and there too.  The other version is by A*S*Y*S and is called the A*S*Y*S Acid Is My Life Remix, which shouldn't be too surprising, but it actually has a lot less of the iconic acid sound than you'd expect, and is instead a real percussion pounder with complicated, head-crushing breakbeats.

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