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I undertook (although on my own terms and with my own timing) the notion of the A to Z challenge; creating a post for each letter of the alphabet that corresponds to a topic in the DARK•HERITAGE game or setting.  Of course, most of my posts are about those topics, but this gives me an opportunity to strike out and do some development, or have some conversation, about topics that I otherwise might not get to for a long time, if ever.

As the A to Z challenge progresses, I'll update this list with links to the specific posts that correspond to that letter.

  • A: Alcàsser, a Terrasan city-state
  • B: Baal Ngirsu, a hamazin city-state
  • C: Cannibal Isle, a location in the Forbidden Lands
  • D: House Dracul, a royal house of vampires in Tarush Noptii
  • E: Eltdown, a location within Tarush Noptii, the source of the "shards"
  • F: Forbidden Lands, a large area north of North Qizmir and east of Baal Hamazi--a major source of Yog-Sothothery within the DARK•HERITAGE setting.
  • G: Garriga Mountains--a major mountain range centrally located in the northern part of the Terrasan territory, similar physiographically to the Blue Ridge mountains.
  • H: The Heresiarchy of the Twelve--the most powerful and dangerous practitioners of the sorcerous arts known in the Land of the Three Empires
  • I: the Inquisition, a paramilitary group local to Terrasa, but who frequently travel further abroad
  • J: Jekara, the capital of Kurushat
  • K: Kinzassál, an ancient kingdom related culturally and ethnically to the Old Tarushans 
  • L: the Plateau of Leng, a sinister feature located deep in the northeastern section of the map, in the Forbidden Lands.  The peoples of the Land of Three Empires only know of it by vague and suppressed rumor.
  • M: Magic in the DARK•HERITAGE setting
  • N: Neighborhoods in Porto Liure
  • O: Outsiders in the DARK•HERITAGE campaign setting, including many of "D&D vintage" who have been somewhat reskinned
  • P: Primogenitors-ancient, insane, original vampires of Tarush Noptii
  • Q: Qaserum, a trading city in the borderlands between al-Qazmir's westward expansion and Baix Pallars
  • R: Rumors that abound in seedy taverns of Porto Liure 
  • S: Glittering Simashki, one of the most important cities of the Baal Hamazi region
  • T: The Tether, a floating city that is chained to the earth in the Kindattu Mountains
  • U: Unmoving Watchers, three stars in the sky that do not move like the rest of the night sky. They can even be seen during the day, floating exactly in the same spot in the sky.
  • V: the Vuukrat savana--one of many grasslands areas across the Land of the Three Empires.  This one is in Kurushat, and has a definite "southern" flair compared to the lands of the Untash, etc.
  • W: Wiksekka Mountains, the southern border of Kurushat, and therefore the southwesternmost feature on my map, including a description of why nobody has (yet) explored beyond it
  • X: Rua de Xavier, an infamous location in Porto Liure and one which is, like so many other infamous Liuran locations, believed by the locals to be haunted
  • Y: Yog-Sothoth, He Who Needs No Introduction!
  • Z: Zombies and their role in the DARK•HERITAGE setting

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