Friday, January 11, 2019

Friday Art Attack

Seems like it's been a while since I've done one of these.  Maybe I'll pick a slightly larger selection today.

Graz'zt and Iggwilv on a romantic cruise of the canals.

Andronovo steppe warriors; the immediate predecessors and ancestors of the Scythians.

A Faery King in the woods.  Apropos, it seems, given some of my recent discussions on the in or out nature of Elfland in my setting.

An old 70s illustration of Protoceratops nests from a book I had as a child.  Amazing how much more we know about dinosaurs than when this illustration was made.

Historical illustration of the siege of Tyre.

I'm not sure who or what this is supposed to be... but I like it.

Yeah; I think I definitely prefer sword & sorcery to high fantasy anymore...

Some neo-classic D&D artwork.  Another thing that 4e did that was quite clever was even as they made some significant changes to settings and cosmologies and whatnot, they purposefully made sure that there was an easy way to incorporate some of the most definite D&Diana that they could into the mix and make sure that it fit.  The Tomb of Horrors was... not my type of module, let's just say, but still, I can respect them for making room for tradition.

Achilles wearing a helmet that looks more like Gerard Butler's from 300 than anything that the Myceneans would have worn (maybe I should find some artwork of Mycenean warriors, just for the heckuvit.  Most people who aren't already familiar with them would be surprised at how bizarre and foreign it would look, for something that's so iconic at the foundation of Western Civilization as the Trojan War.)

Wayne Reynolds taking on classic mythology.

Writers forget that one of the most exciting aspects of science fiction is exotic and beautiful space princesses at their peril.

Speaking of Western Civilization, how's about this for a very iconic fantasy image?  It looks like concept art for FantasyLand at DisneyLand, fer cryin' out loud.

An alternative design for Robocop.  Out of the blue, at bit, I know.

While I kind of smirk, roll my eyes, or even get annoyed with the idea of "strong warrior women, hear me roar" nonsense that pervades much of today's fantasy, actual honest to goodness Amazons are, of course, the exception to that.

Who said Acererak can't be a fun guy?

While to me, Angazhan always felt like Paizo's take (at least in part) on Demogorgon, James Jacobs once told me that that was a later development that happened kind of serendipitously rather than on purpose.  Angazhan was originally designed to be "What if King Kong were a demon lord?"

Curiously, Golarion has, to the best of my knowledge, no obvious place for the Isle of Dread, the iconic D&D riff on Skull Island (that is notoriously lacking a King Kong)

I haven't had any paleo-art in a while, but of course, I still love it.  One of my old favorites, Ankylosaurus, updated with the latest science.  And made quite dark too, I might add.

Some character from Erikson's Malazan books.  Nice image, but Mary Sue, from all I've heard.  Not that I would know; I tried really hard to like those books, but after the second one, I gave up in disgust.  This character hadn't even been introduced yet, if I remember correctly.

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