Friday, December 07, 2018

Hard trance

I'm back to making 12-track sets as a single mixed file, but I can't put them on my phone, because my micro-SD card is full (when I bought that 64 Gb card, it seemed impossible to think that I'd fill it.  Sigh.)  And even though they're cheap, I can't buy another one, because it's been hinted at to me that one is in my stocking, so I have to wait for it for three more weeks.

Anyway, I'm currently playing Lostsidon, which you can buy on Amazon as a digital download.  I slowed it down a bit to match the rest of the songs in the set; stuff from the mid-90s is often a bit hyper-sounding in its BPM compared to stuff from the early to mid 00s, and I prefer as close to a standard BPM of around 145-150 or so as possible.  Beautiful track, though, and a great example that you can still have stomping good acid bass-lines without it being dark and menacing.  I actually really like the dark and menacing vibe to a lot of this music, but because so much of it is dark and menacing, the ones that aren't tend to stand out more easily.

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