Thursday, November 08, 2018

Some renaming

I didn't realize this, but in my search for an Old English style name, one of my nations ended up with the title of the Archenlands.  Archenland is a place in C.S. Lewis' Narnia map.  Many of you probably are saying, "yeah, no kidding, " but I never read the entire Narnia series, and everything I had read was back in middle school some 35-40 years or so ago, so I either didn't remember that or never knew it.

Sigh.  I'm a little bit unhappy with a few of the other names I picked, so there may be some swapping around and new introductions of names in the setting in the next little bit.

Here's the names of places in DH5 so far, including which ones will change and to what:
  • Westry—an Anglo-Norman colonial nation  change to Thursfell
  • The Archenlands—an Anglo-Saxon colonial nation  change to Culmerland
  • Brochwel—a British Celtic (Welsh and Cornish) colonial nation  change to New Cumbria
  • Dun Nechtain—a somewhat Anglicized Scottish colonial nation  change to New Dalriata
  • Trondmark—a "pan British" colonial nation with an heir of Cnut as ruler
  • Vingulfold—a Viking colonial nation  change to Skeldale
  • the Hill Country—sometimes considered "the seventh colony"; a secondary settlement where peoples from all of the Six Colonies (but especially Culmerland and New Dalriata, with some Carlovingians) settled some new territory and refused to take on a traditional Lord; think of the settlement of Texas, except by Ivanhoe-era Anglo-Saxons and Scots.
  • Carlovingia—a Frankish nation that was here before the Six Colonies arrived by a few centuries
  • Timischburg—an eastern European nation with an Austrian aristocracy that arrived with the Carlovingians two to three hundred years before the Six Colonies
  • Gunaakt—a naive nation of orcs and goblins
  • Tesculum—a much older arrival from Earth, with a lingering late Roman culture, who arrived in the years between Theodosius and Zeno, mostly from the Western Roman Empire
  • Terassa—nobles from Asturias, Leon, Aragon, Catalonia, etc., sometimes with a pseudo Visigoth or Frankish over-caste still, who came at the same time as the Carlovingians.
  • Porto Liure—a nominally Hispanic city-state on the islands that has attracted settlers from all nations who desire greater freedom; has acquired some of the feel of pirate Tortuga.
  • Kurushat—a native country in the High Desert where the jann live
  • Lomar—a native country in the boreal forest where the Cursed are from
  • Baal Hamazi—a native country in the far western mountains where kemlings are from
  • Leng—the lost plateau where the Mind-Wizards rule
  • Aira—the floating city of the Nephilim; possibly merely folklore instead of reality

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