Friday, October 26, 2018

Friday Art Attack

We tend to think of barbarians riding in from the steppes as dark, like the Huns or the Mongols.  The Scythians are universally described in ancient sources from Greeks, Romans, Persians, Assyrians, Indians and even Chinese as being very European in appearance, with red or blond hair and blue or gray eyes.

An interesting take on the concept of the ghoul.

Cyberpunk meets Star Wars.

Too bad that the Tusken Raiders haven't been known to take on Imperial Walkers.  Why didn't Vader send any walkers to retrieve the droids anyway?  I mean, c'mon?  Dewbacks?

More crime and noir Star Wars.

By this axe I rule!  A Kull story originally, readapted to become one of the first Conan stories.

Some Legendary character models.


And.... more.

I'd love to go for a joy ride on Mars.

The sadly extinct American cheetah.  Which, although morphologically very similar to a cheetah, was actually not very closely related to them; it's closest relatives are (perhaps unsurprisingly) the puma.

It's gotta suck when whales beat up your submarine.  I guess that's why Aquaman isn't always lame.  Just mostly.

Heh.  I realize that this is kinda a joke, but it's great anyway.

3e iconics surrounded by low level vampires.  Nice!  I've always loved this picture and wish that it was better quality and maybe with a background instead of just "text white."

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