Friday, October 12, 2018

Friday Art Attack

There's always time for the classics.

Boba Fett as a Spartan.  I like it.

Let's clear up some of the concept art for Star Wars that I have; alternate takes on the attack on Hoth Base.

Apparently there was an idea that a bunch of wampas would get involved somehow.  Probably a good thing that that didn't actually happen, especially with the special effects technology of the late 70s, but it's still a fun illustration.

The Danji were a race sympathetic to the Rebellion that either got cut from an earlier draft of the script, or were inserted as a what if after the fact.  There's a bunch of concept art around them, though.

More Danji on parade.

A cool spaceship that we never actually saw.  Too bad; it looks awesome.  Kind of like a WW2 ship in space.

More of the Wampa attack at Hoth base.

Another random space ship that wasn't actually sued for anything, but which looks pretty cool.

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