Friday, September 14, 2018

Middle-earth Remixed, again

I haven't (yet) drawn a map for my Middle-earth with the serial numbers filed off, or replaced the names of important places like Rivendell, Gondor, Angmar, Mordor, etc. with names that are specific to my MIDDLE-EARTH REMIXED setting.  But I just re-read my posts under that tag, and I want to rekindle this project.  It was a good idea.  Plus, here's some more Angus McBride artwork that can serve as inspiration.

But first; assuming of course that if I ever do anything with this I'd use FANTASY HACK (because of course I would), do I actually have everything that I need?  The notion that orcs and goblins are better represented by baboons and apes is more cosmetic rather than meant to mean that I should use the stats for baboons and apes instead of orcs and goblins (although I could, I suppose.  No reason why not, especially if I want to emphasize their barbarity and savage-ness.)  I can have various interpretations of Ringwraiths riding Fell-ghasts—are they vampires, or liches or some kind of ghost, or something else?  Why not a little bit of "all of the above" as desired?  Heck, they could even be Royal Heresiarchs from the optional "More Monsters" link.

I'm not sure that I have anything that really compares to the dangerous fey approach of the Celtic mythology that I'm using for elves and dwarves, etc.  Honestly, I'd defer for the time being and try to minimize the exposure of the players to them anyway.  Make them more like haunts or even just plain old plot devices rather than statted antagonists that you're meant to approach in combat, if they are even uncovered at all.

Anyway, on to the McBride!

Gondor and the Northmen fighting in the Kin-strife wars.

Royalty of Arthedain.  Or maybe Rhovannion, actually, if Eriador is meant to be more Celtic and east of the mountains is more Germanic.

During the Kin-strife, South Gondor was effectively (although not in name) lost to Gondor following the Kin-strife, as Haradrim moved into the territory, who recognized no authority at Minas Anor.

Northmen from two different groups greeting each other in passing.

A ship from Dale crosses the Long Lake to Esgaroth (which you can't really see here; just a few of the outlying farmsteads.)

Just because there are Dark Lords to oppose doesn't mean that the various men of the North all get along with each other.  A raiding party from near Framsburg crosses the mountain passes to sack a village of northern Rhudaur; already occupied by semi-alien Hillfolk, possibly allied with Angmar.

Let us not forget that along with McBride's wonderful historical artwork, he also did some pretty hot Middle-earth artwork himself.  Here, some Rohirrim run down orcs on the plains of Calenardhon.

A party of Dunlendings survey an outpost between Isengard and Tharbad, here still allied (culturally, if not necessarily politically) with Gondor.

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