Friday, August 10, 2018

Galaxy's Edge

After getting a very late start, I'm now 40% done with Requiem for Medusa, the Tyrus Rechs prequel spin-off series.

That makes eight main-line Galaxy's Edge novels (so far; at least one more to go), one spin-off prequel detailing the rise of Goth Sullus, and one spin-off novel about Tyrus Rechs, with another announced (I've already pre-ordered.)  So that makes ten novels currently available with an eleventh due later this month.

Amazon calls the series mil-sci-fi, and I suppose often it is, but my favorite stuff is the skulduggery.  Crime and intrigue, etc.  Either way, it's space opera the way nothing since the original Star Wars movie has been able to be in the mainstream, and which you can only now find by pulling up old stories (older than I am by a generation or two) or reading from indie authors.  Sci-fi has never been this bad.  Which creates quite the opportunity for indie authors to find a market that's literally starved for what they want.

Anyway, this is my semi-regular plug for Galaxy's Edge; if you like Star Wars the way it used to be and the way that it should be, then Galaxy's Edge was written for you.  Go get the first book, Legionnaire, as quickly as you can and read it.  There isn't a single one of these books that I haven't enjoyed.  I'm loving the Tyrus Rechs spin-off series too (although admittedly Rechs isn't as charismatic a character was Wraith, he's more interesting on other ways.)  I'm really curious what Jason and Nick have in store for us readers down the line.  Rumors of spin-off novels authored by others, and a Savage Wars series all abound.  Can't wait.

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Desdichado said...

I finished the other 60% later in the day, by the way.