Monday, June 18, 2018

Hardest hard dance

Talking to some kids (including my own, and some of their friends) briefly about EDM yesterday, I mentioned that the kind of stuff I listen to is the kind of EDM that melts your face off and kicks your butt so hard that you're still pooping out pieces of its shoe several days later.  My wife literally can't listen to this stuff at anywhere near full volume (or really at all) without starting to really suffer from some anxiety, one of my sons claims that it just sounds like random power tools and tornado sirens and that listening to it causes cancer, etc.  The truth is; it's not for women, children or soyboys.  Only those man enough to listen to real warrior music can handle the stuff I listen to.

One of the girls thought it would be funny to slip a few tracks into an upcoming dance playlist and see how well they went over.  I'd probably laugh, but that's a lot of work for a chuckle.  In reality, I don't think the intensity of most of what I listen to is that extreme, and even when it is, I greatly prefer a melodic touch too (which is why in general, I prefer hardtrance to hardstyle—the latter tends to be a bit more noisy for little gain in "hardness" sometimes.)

Anyway, for the heck of it, I whipped up real quick a short set (half an hour) of some of the stuff in my collection that leans on the more intense.  It's not comprehensive, and it's not meant to be; it's meant to be a sample of some of my favorite of the harder of my songs.

These need to be played on a system that can handle the bass, though.  Especially about halfway through, between 14:53 to about 15:15 or so.  If that section doesn't kick your butt, your sound system is not capable.

The tracks are, in order:
  • Luca Antolini vs Steve Hill "Contatto (RVRS BASS Mix)"
  • The Donkey Rollers "The Last City on Earth"
  • Builder "Her Voice" (Combination of two slightly different versions of the Headhunterz remix)
  • Masters of Chaos "Retribution (S.H.O.K.K. Retro Remix)"
  • Blutonium Boy "Floorkilla (Nik Import Mix)
  • R.B.A. "No Alternative (DBD Remix)"

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