Friday, June 29, 2018

Friday Art Attack

Sometimes even I have to go back to some classic fantasy tropes.

I've never read the Dark Tower series, and I actually doubt that I'd like it, but the concept of fantasy that's Western rather than Medieval as it's base is something that really appeals to me a lot.

Dark Sun, as a kind of grim and gritty take on Barsoom through the lens of AD&D, is another concept that always struck me with its relatively exotic high concept.

More of Tron and Star Wars combined.

Again with using awakened apes in place of orcs.  I'm pretty much convinced that that's how I need to do my next setting, which does have an orc nation.  But it's going to look more like this than like Warhammer or even Lord of the Rings.

I'm pretty sure I've highlighed some of this artwork before, but this with the grayscale outline behind it is pretty nice.

A street scene from Destiny; the space opera that didn't quite deliver.

Although the twee kumbaya of Dinotopia always got on my nerves, the actual artwork I always loved and thought that there needed to be something that was cooler but based on a similar high concept.

I grabbed this image a long time ago as an AD ASTRA iconic pirate/smuggler space ship.  I still love it.

More of the type of wretched hives of scum and villainy that urban centers tend to be in my fantasy.  In reality, urban centers are wretched hives of scum and villainy in real life too, I'm coming around to believe, so it's hardly a stretch.

Some older Wayne Reynolds undead.  A Dread Wraith or something, but whatever.  It's a ghost, y'all.

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