Saturday, May 26, 2018


Well... it hasn't been a very productive week for blogging, has it?  And to make matter worst, I'm not even going to post a Friday Art Attack post today.

It has been productive for me on the Hardtrance megamix front.  I'm now up to 22 megamixes made, and 28 sorted.  If I finish those 28 before too long, I'll be at a little shy of half of my material; 28 x 12 = 336 out of 823; 40.8%.  I would never have thought I'd be crushing them this fast; in fact, I need to take a break, because I'm finding I can make them faster than I can listen to them.  In my CD-R archiving, that means 4 discs.

Based on the file size, which is largely based on the combined length of the tracks, I've had two discs where I've been able to fit 6 megamixes on, my original plan, and two where I could only fit 5.  Although that sample size is pretty small, it's probably about right; 50/50, give or take a little either way.

Meanwhile, I still have 8 hardsdtyle megamixes, which are also shorter.  Sigh.  I don't have as solid of a plan to do more of those, though—so I'm not sure what else we'll get.  Honestly, although I love a lot of hardstyle tracks, I don't like the actual genre as much as hardtrance, so I may have come close to tapping out my potential for megamixes that I really want to make that would be of as high quality as the hardtrance material.

Anyway, I've got another discs worth sorted--disc 5 it would be, but I haven't listened to any of the megamixes on disc 4 yet and I just barely finished listening to disc 3. Some of them only once.  So I'm going to slow down and take a break.

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