Thursday, May 10, 2018

Hardtrance megamix 05

I made megamix #3 last night after all (one of my tasks was accomplished a lot faster than I feared it would; the other was cancelled because it was yardwork related and it rained.)

So, to always have two on deck, I had to sort a megamix #5.  Like I said last time, it was my intention to skip any DJ Wag stuff.  And I did get three I had to skip.  I also had to skip a Sa.Vee.Oh song.  Max Savietto is Sa.Vee.Oh, and he's also in Tankis & Savietto.  Since I had already a Max Savietto Song, and a Tankis & Savietto song (and a Sa.Vee.Oh remix of another song) I figured that adding a Sa.Vee.Oh song too was too much focus on one artist.  Oh, well.  I knew stuff like that would happen occasionally.  I just had to decide which of the three songs that came up I wanted to skip.  I ended up keeping the Tankis & Savietto song even though it came third, because it was a collaboration, whereas Max Savietto and Sa.Vee.Oh were aliases for the same artist working alone.

Hardtrance megamix 05
  1. Luca Antolini - A New Poison [Sa.Vee.Oh Remix]
  2. Hardforze vs Soul-T - Let the Beat Drop [Nomad Mix]
  3. Age of Love - The Age of Love [Watch Out for Stella Mix]
  4. Pulsedriver & Rocco - Life on Mars [Rave Mix]
  5. Max Savietto - Alone [Sa.Vee.Oh Mix]
  6. DJ Darkzone - Overdrive [Vocal Cut]
  7. Tommy Pulse - The Answer (Part 2)[Temper Temper Remix]
  8. A*S*Y*S - Acid Space [Mindflux Remix]
  9. Logger & Gnetic - Hypertransfer
  10. Captain Tinrib & Sol Ray - Attack of the 50 Foot DJ [Original Mix]
  11. Tankis & Savietto - Octopus [Lost in Case Remix]
  12. DJ Virus - All Your Bass [Michael Fußeder Remix]

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