Thursday, April 12, 2018


Well... after a few months of basically farting around and doing squat all, I went off on vacation out of state, didn't even bring my laptop with me, and then got sick, and basically have ignored everything blog-related for two weeks.  But that's not entirely and completely true.  I did read some of my old blog posts on my phone while I was out and about, especially because I got kind of sick on vacation and ended up laying around in my hotel room trying to sleep while my wife and kids were out doing stuff.  I couldn't always sleep, so sometimes I looked up stuff that I'd worked on in the past.  I also listened to a bunch of music that I've acquired recently, especially hard trance stuff, and I also was out west where the scenery is great.  It would have been the perfect time of year to go to Moab or Mexican Hat or one of those other places in Southern Utah where I could really enjoy the red rock country without it being too hot.  I didn't get to do that, but I did wander a bit through the Wasatch ranges (even if they were still brown and snow-topped, but also just past ski season) and through some of the southeastern Idaho ranges, like the Malad Range, for example, which looms ominously (yet not really all that high) right over the gas station in border town Plymouth, UT.  Once you get past Pocatello, the scenery retreats to the horizons and you find yourself in dry, windy basins where places like Rigby, Idaho Falls or Rexburg are.  I think I also had the best hamburger I've ever had at Big Jud's Burgers in Archer, ID too.  Ho-lee cow.

So, I got to hit just a tiny bit on almost all of my topics—I read a bunch of gaming posts that I'd made in the past, I listened to a bunch of the music that I'm discovering, and although I could only look around and imagine hiking, I was at least embedded in the kind of scenery that I love (I did manage to find some time to take the family to a few scenic overlooks and other places like that, which they actually kind of enjoyed—even though our agenda didn't have a lot of flexible time in it to play with.)  I also pre-ordered the new Galaxy's Edge book, which is due out in just a couple of weeks, and... I dunno, feel a little more motivated, if not exactly more focused, on returning to blogging, and doing so in a way that actually advances some agenda other than "saying I did it."  In that vein, here's my plans, more or less:

First, I'm going to pull up some more Paizo stuff and deconstruct them, the way I did with the CULT OF UNDEATH and ISLES OF TERROR projects.  However, I'm not going to rename these and plan on getting a runnable chopshopped hot rod campaign out of the raw materials of a Paizo Adventure Path; I'm just going to deconstruct them, find out if anything in them strikes me as "wow, I need to add that to FANTASY HACK, at least as optional supplemental material, if not directly to the core stuff" and otherwise talk about how I would use the material in the Paizo adventure I just read, if at all, at a high level.  I'm also not necessarily going to limit myself to adventure paths, as there are a load of stand alone adventures that I have that I'd like to do too.  And it's easier to pull off in smaller chunks anyway.

These have migrated over time from being a very targeted project of sorts to just becoming, with this move, a very esoteric review of a product that's old anyway.  Whether this will be of any interest to any readers, I don't know, but it sure will be interesting to me to do, anyway, and what the heck, it's been one of my better runs of projects here on the blog in the last several years, and has actually generated (somewhat by accident, because it's not really what I expected out of it) more useful and interesting material (to me, at least) than almost anything else I've done.

Second, I said shortly before leaving that I'd be working up some new AD ASTRA data sheets, which I haven't actually gotten around to doing yet.  But I will!  I promise!  That's actually something that I've enjoyed quite a bit as long as I don't try to go too crazy with it and do too much.

Third, although I'm a bit behind, I'm going to continue my Friday Art Attack series, starting up again tomorrow.  That's a relatively low effort post series, and I enjoy looking through this old art and thinking about what it could all do for me in my gaming or speculative fiction endeavors.

Fourth, although I intend to cut back a bit on the music posts, which seem to have made up way too much of what I've done I'm still interested in them.  But I've slowed down tremendously the rate at which I'm acquiring new music, and I want to focus on highlighting songs that are really standouts.  And hey!  I've already got a blog for that!  Yeah, yeah—I don't use it enough.  But if I keep my discussions about music in the format that that blog was designed for, then why not keep using it?

Fifth... I don't really have anything on fifth, but I feel almost like I should start my Street Fighter blog moving again.  Even though I have no idea what I would talk about there.  I don't even play those games nearly as much as I did when I was really going through that phase for a few years where I played loads of Street Fighter Alpha 3, King of Fighters '98 Ultimate, Real Bout Fatal Fury 2, etc.  Once I got Ultra Street Fighter IV, I just basically have lost interest in playing anything older than that.  And Street Fighter V and King of Fighters XIII just didn't really capture my interest the same way.  I think I'm kinda over the hobby, maybe for good, the same way I am over Games Workshop.  I still think it's kinda cool, but I struggle to think I'll ever be motivated to get into it again other than occasional forays for nostalgia.

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