Monday, April 23, 2018


I encourage you to check out one of my other blogs, if you had any interest in my hardstyle and hardtrance posts, because I've generally moved them all over there.

I had thought that I was pretty much done getting hardtrance (which includes some acid, some early hardstyle, a few harder classic trance and even a little bit of tech trance mixed in) songs; I had a pretty good collection, to the point where even my "best of" list was 600+ tracks.  And then, as soon as I thought I was almost done with it, I just got 100 more tracks to review.

Sigh.  65 of them were on the collection, which you can buy from Amazon, called Techno Classics 1990-2010.  Much of this material isn't techno at all, though.  In fact, it's all material that features hardtrance superstar DJ Wag—either as the actual artist, or in one of his aliases or collaborations (like Yakooza, Pro-Tech, Pro-Active, Mikado, etc.)

Now granted, all 100 or so of the songs on my list won't make the cut.  Some of them I probably won't add to my phone at all.  Some of them I'll add to my phone, but not my "best of hard dance" playlist.  And a few of them are repeats of songs I already have, so there's a little bit of duplication involved that'll reduce the numbers... a little bit, anyway.

But there's no question about it; I've still got a lot of work to do to clean up my "on deck" queue, get my playlist completely filled out, etc.  And once I'm done with that, I'm going to start bit-time on hardtrance (again, with the caveat that it'll include some of those other genres mentioned) megamixes.  Boom!

Other than the DJ Wag stuff, a lot of the other stuff I have pending is work by either S.H.O.K.K. or Russenmafia.

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