Friday, February 16, 2018

Black Panther

Rotten Tomatoes clearly telegraphed that you won't be able to trust the audience score because they're going to massage bad ratings out to maintain the fictitious narrative that SJW-beloved movies are actually popular, and if they have low scores, it's just "alt.Right trolls." Even so the audience score is not nearly as high as the critics score and we're still on the first day of release: it sits at 98% vs 77%.  I don't know how much that audience score is overstated due to the issue mentioned just above, but I'd guess as much as 15-20%.  It could even be more.

My 16 year old son has had a habit for many years now of going out with one of his old friends and seeing every Marvel movie on opening weekend; he caught a midnight showing last night.  His friend fell asleep.  Young Desdichado #3 never falls asleep in movies, so he stuck it out, but he says it was interminably boring, the main characters were all boring, very little happened, and only the villains were interesting.  Kinda.

Following the debacle of The Last Jedi, Disney and the Hollywood media are trying to concoct a Fake News narrative that it's actually a great movie and very popular, but it's just been the target of alt.Right trolls.  That's an even easier sell with The Black Panther because it's all blackity-black, so they can tie the ghost of the nebulous and never-actually-appearing "white soopremaceeeeee!" to the story, and effectively quash any discussion about whether or not the movie is any good or not.  Now, I don't know if The Black Panther engages in white flagellation, or if it's merely boring.  If it's the former, the movie will not just be bad and boring, it'll be terrible and piss people off (just like movies like The Lone Ranger did, and that was before the alt.Right really even was a thing and most people weren't even starting their red pill journey yet).  I suspect it's more the latter, though, and if there's an element of the former, it's suitably subtle and understated, at least.

I only got to talk to my son about it for a few seconds this morning before heading out the door, so I don't have a good guide to what's really going on with it.  Plus, he resists the red pill more than my other boys in my family, and he's rather susceptible to white flagellation.  Left to his own devices, he'd probably embrace the wigger lifestyle, to be honest with you.  So I don't know how well he'd see anti-white messaging, or how well he'd admit to seeing it if he did.  Sigh.  He's the most difficult of the Young Desdichados in many ways, and that lack of confidence in himself, in his heritage, and in his traditions is part of it.

Eventually my wife and I will see it, no doubt.  But given his rather tepid response, it seems very unlikely that we'll be in a big rush, that we'll pay anything close to full price, etc.

Anyway, I'll leave you with this trailer for The Black Panther.

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