Monday, February 12, 2018

Best of? Hardstyle Edition

I've made my 7th Hardstyle megamix (following the tracklist laid out earlier, minus the last track, which I didn't have room for.)  I've also made my 1st Hard Trance megamix.  Although I've thought it kind of fun to deal with the Excel sorting, I do have to wonder if maybe I'm getting so excited about making megamixes that I'm not being selective enough, and that I'd enjoy it more if I truly made stuff that was Best Of, with fewer but maybe longer mixes.

In that vein, if I were to consolidate my Hardstyle stuff to the stuff that really is my favorite from the genre, what would I have in it?  Twenty to twenty-five (I ended up with 45.  That's at least two big two-hour mixes) or so tracks; two hour mixes, I think.  This one will be hardstyle.  I'll do another one for hard trance, but I might want to wait until I've gotten a little more used to the tracks I have, many of which I haven't listened to enough to know for sure if it's one of my favorites or not yet.  In no particular order...
  • Activator - "Italian Hardstyle"
  • K-Traxx - "Noise Tool [Technoboy Remix]"
  • Zatox - "Tanz Elektrik [R3belz Remix]"
  • TNT - "Double Dutch Darkies"
  • Builder - "Her Voice [Headhunterz Remix]"
  • Scope DJ - "Rock Hypnotic Again [2011 Refixx]"
  • K-Traxx - "Hardventure [Technoboy Remix]"
  • Technoboy - "Put Some Grace [In Your Face Mix]"
  • Tatanka - "WTGD"
  • Coone - "Starf*ckers"
  • Brian M & MC Bunn "The Dub We Play"
  • Headhunterz - "Rock Civilization" (Ed. I prefer a cut and paste between the basic and the Technoboy Remixes)
  • Blutonium Boy - "Floorkilla [Nik Import Mix]
  • Francesco Zeta - "Rock N Rave"
  • TNT & DJ Isaac - "CTRL"
  • Wildstylez - "The Moon"
  • Ed E.T. & DTR vs Hatom - "Feel the Vibe"
  • Da Tweekaz - "Twerkout Revolution"
  • Da Tweekaz - "#Tweeky16"
  • Cally & Juice - "Drop the Beat [Ed E.T. & DTR Remix]"
  • Flarup & Activator - "Wicked"
  • TNT - "Pulsation"
  • Technoboy - "Rage (A Hardstyle Song)"
  • Speedwave - "Junior [First Switch Mix]"
  • Blutonium Boy - "Hardstyle Superstar [B-Boy Mix]"
  • Headhunterz & Wildstylez - "Blame it on the Muzic"
  • Tuneboy ft. E-Life - "Devotion"
  • Headhunterz - "D-Tuned"
  • Project One - "Rate Reducer [Headhunterz RMX]"
  • Donkey Rollers - "No One Can Stop Us"
  • Showtek - "The Colour of the Harder Styles"
  • TNT - "First Match [Badmind ft. DJ Picci Remix]"
  • Philippe Rochard meets Nu-Pulse - "The Survivors of Hardstyle"
  • Showtek - "Black"
  • Project One - "Life Beyond Earth"
  • Headhunterz - "Sacrifice [Brennan Heart RMX]"
  • The Prophet - "Emergency Call"
  • The KGB's - "Channel KGBs [TNT Remix]"
  • The Raiders - "Miss Kidman On a Cruise [Eyes Wide Style Mix]"
  • The Juvenile - "Hardcore Suckas [Trance Generators Remix]"
  • 2 Best Enemies - "Les Drums [TBY Mix]"
  • Blutonium Boy vs DJ Neo - "Hardstyle Nation [Blutonium Boy Hardstyle Mix]"
  • Davide Sonar - "Natural"
  • DJ Phil Ty - "Miami Belch [Polite Mix]"
  • Droid - "Focus [Reversebass Mix]"

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