Thursday, February 15, 2018

Best of Hard Trance

I've now got just under 290 hard trance songs on my "best of" list—although, again; the categorization of a few of them is iffy.  Some are often considered early hardstyle, or acid, or something else that's similar but not exactly hard trance. And I've got multiple versions of some tracks.  And for the heck of it, I've even got "Age of Love" which is sometimes (albeit erroneously) considered the first trance song, which would predate hard trance by a few years.  But it's mostly hard trance, and everything that isn't hard trance would fit in relatively well in a mix with hard trance.

And I've got about 10 more songs to add to the list, when I get around to it.  And then I might go out and try and find some more, even.

I'm finding that in general, I like the later, more British hard trance scene less than I like the earlier Continental (especially German, Dutch and north Italian) scene.

In any case, 300 tracks is clearly too many to be "the best of"—so I probably need to only take the best 10% of that and call that my true best of.  Doing two big megamixes of 15 tracks each (or so); around an hour and a half each: that's something that I'd like.  Let's take a stab at what I might include on such a three hour set-list:
  • Ampire "Speedlimit"
  • Arome "Hands Up" (Original Mix, or the DJ Scot Project Remix?  I'm on the fence here)
  • Arome "Here We Go [Midnight Mix]"
  • A*S*Y*S "Acid Nightmare [140 Squadron Mix]" (the most trance-ish
  • A*S*Y*S "Acid Space" (probably the most trance-like of their tracks.  Probably.)
  • Avatar "Red Planet" (Don't know which mix yet.  Maybe Jay Walker.)
  • Bas & Ram "Chimps & Pimps"
  • Blank & Jones "DJs, Fans & Freaks" (maybe the Cosmic Gate remix instead of the original)
  • Blutonium Boy vs DJ Neo "Hardstyle Nation [DJ Neo Progressive Mix]" (in spite of the name, this is a hard trance anthem, not a hardstyle one.
  • Cosmic Gate "Human Beings" (probably the original extended, but the G&M Project one is tempting too)
  • Cosmic Gate "Mental Atmosphere" (If I had to do one of the official mixes, it'd be the Midnight Mix easy.  But I can use the first half of the Extended mix and transition to the Midnight Mix after the break and spoken part.)
  • Derb "Derb (Derbus)" (A true classic)
  • Di Combo "Rock it to the Beat [Gary D Hardline Mix]"
  • DJ Darkzone "The Human Form [Vocal Club Mix]"
  • DJ Mirko Milano "Stopp & Go [DJ Arne L II Remix]"
  • DJ Wag "Life on Mars [YOMC Remix]" (I might actually have to use the YOMC Global mix, just because it's nearly impossible to find a high quality version of the YOMC remix.  Real shame; it's a better cut.)
  • Droid "Focus [Uptempo Mix]
  • Hennes & Cold "Evaculation"
  • Hennes & Cold "Get Down"
  • Juvenile "Hardcore Suckas [Trance Generators Remix]"
  • Kai Tracid "Peyote Song"
  • Kai Tracid "Tiefenrausch [A*S*Y*S Remix]"
  • Luca Antolini "Heat [Original Hardtrance Mix]"
  • Ohne Ende Geil "Endless Horny"
  • Out of Grace "140 BPM [G&M Project Remix]"
  • Pacific Link "Espace [Hardstyle Mix 1]"
  • Pacific Link "Planetary Collapse [Luca Antolini Remix]"
  • Pulsedriver "Recycle [Club Mix]"
  • R.B.A. "No Alternative [Brooklyn Bounce Remix]"
  • Sa.Vee.Oh "Loop Hole"
  • Tankis & Savietto "Octopus [Lost in Case Remix]"
  • Thomas Trouble "Insane Asylum [SMP Club Mix]"
  • Titchy Bitch & The Fallen Angel "Retribution [Hennes & Cold Remix]"
  • Tommy Pulse "The Answer" (Lots of choices for remixes)
  • Tommy Pulse "Walhalla"
  • Warp Brothers "We Will Survive [Club Mix]"
That ended up being a little too many, right?

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