Monday, February 12, 2018

(Belated) Friday Art Attack

This seems to be the new look of Orcus, here dominating an Elder Brain of the ilithids.  I do kind of like him with his look hybridized with that of Anthraxas a bit.  Sure.

All of this ISLES OF TERROR business has me feeling sympathetic to the snake-men.

A servitor of Demogorgon, I'll bet.  Looks tough.

This is one of the most unusual illustrations I can think of; a skeleton buried in another daemonic skeleton of some kind?  I dunno, but man, do I like it.

When dealing with fantasy, don't forget to not skimp on fantastic locations.  These cliffs with weird bird-headed sphinxy statues ever few hundred yards or so along the coast certainly qualifies.

Undead dragons.

Good ole-fashioned hard sci-fi.

Why shouldn't modern pulp pay homage to one of the most famous pulp art covers of all time, even if it was originally meant for overtly sword & sorcery fantasy?

An alternate design for Darth Vader.

I kinda like the boxy, utilitarian shape of this space freighter.

Flying ships are always cool.  I had a whole campaign built around the concept once.  I take that back.  I've done it twice.

I kinda wish Star Wars had gone more this direction.

Although this looks like Tarzan at the Earth's Core... actually, it could be, I suppose.

Soldiers disrupting a cult of Dagon and/or Cthulhu. 

There's a lot going on in this picture; it really kind of looks like two or even three pictures photoshopped together.  But it's not.

Good villains make a good story or campaign, either one.

More Cthulhu-esque adventuring.  Always one of my favorite kinds.

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