Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday Art Attack

I'm not as much a fan of the waifu warrior as some people, but you've gotta admit, no matter what else you may think, that that's both a good looking elf babe and a compelling image.

Even if she's hard to take seriously as a real warrior.

I'm not sure exactly what's going on here, but I'd like to think that sometimes spells just go really, really badly for the caster, and you get screwed.  Or immolated.

That doesn't seem very sporting to attack a poor, helpless girl (or maybe it's a stripling kid with a "man" bun; can't tell for sure) when you're already riding on a Triceratops.

I'm not really a Japanophile (or other Orientophilia either, for that matter) to nearly the degree that many nerdy people are.  I've never managed to get into anime all that much.  I've never been all that excited by Oriental Adventures.  I don't even like watching Hong Kong theater that much, except for the movies with really good stunts.  This is a pretty cool image, though.

When you really want a cowboy vibe but refuse to have firearms, I guess you come up with some kind of crossbow that looks like a rifle and smaller one that looks like a big pistol and dress up like a cowboy anyway.

Some gamers really decry the whole fantasy Star Wars cantina vibe, while others embrace it.  This image makes it look kinda cool, mostly. And all things considered, it's not as exotic as it could be; those are pretty standard post-D&D fantasy races pictures there.

It's funny, but once upon a time, I thought it would be really cool to have a fantasy setting with therapsids as the main animal life.  This is a pack of Cynognathus having just killed a Kannemeyeria in South Africa's Karoo 245 million years ago; before the rise of the dinosaurs.

Luckily, I realized that indulging my own particular spergy interests was probably a bad idea, so I ditched the idea.  Sigh. I wish I could safari with these bad boys, though.

And these too.  From my own hometown area of Texas and Oklahoma we have Acrocanthosaurus eating a Sauroposeidon.  

That's a weird giant monster, that has almost a science fictional alien vibe to it.  I don't mind the gonzo approach of mixing the aesthetics, if not even more, though.  In fact, I quite like doing so.

Given that that looks like Orcus himself, I think this swashbuckling Phantom of the Opera probably bit off much more than he could chew.  That's an interesting take on the old demon prince, who's name is derived from a Latin god, which is probably ultimately derived from the Greek god or daemon Horkos.  Keep in mind that to the Greeks, daemon doesn't mean anything at all like our demons, because they were a pre-Christian society.  The word originally (also from Greek daimon) was more like a nature spirit or something; the Germanic word we inherited with a similar meaning is wight.

Of course, in English specifically, wight has also picked up another connotation thanks to Tolkien being bastardized by D&D, and Warhammer, and just about everything else.  

I've always liked this image.  When I was a kid, I always liked the concept of knights and whatnot fighting monsters, which my dad thought was kind of weird (when he was a kid, he was more interested in knights fighting each other.)  What can I say?  Even as a child, my tastes ran towards fantasy, whereas he'd always been a specifically historical buff kind of guy.

The Hallstatt and La Tène Celtic cultures of the continent are our heritage, folks, even though much of their culture has been lost in the intervening centuries.  Sigh.  We may yet lose everything else associated with Western civilization, and Mother Europe, and even whiteness altogether if we're not careful.  I don't think we will; but sadly, we'll have to engage in and be subjected to a great deal of unnecessary bloodshed because of the hateful open borders radical Trotskyism that we've been subjected to.

Meanwhile, this can also double as Lexoviian peoples in TIMISCHBURG, or even aristocratic Eriadorians in MIDDLE-EARTH REMIXED.

Hot witches.  What can I say?  They're hot.  But crazy.  Keep away; hot crazy chicks aren't worth the headache.  There's enough pretty girls who are already nice.

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