Tuesday, November 14, 2017

(Belated) Friday Art Attack

I was actually on vacation, and therefore busy, on Friday.  But here's the belated post I would have made had I been at my computer.

I don't think this is meant to be a literal illustration, but it's a great example of what a stylized space opera should look like.  Imagine the author and title blocks at the top and bottom.  

Sigh.  Whatever happened to this kind of thing, anyway?

I'm actually kinda with Lovecraft.  The deep sea is creepy, and anything that would live there probably is too.

I kind of prefer Warhammer lizardmen to the politically correct D&D lizard"folk".  (When did that politically correct change happen, anyway?  3rd edition, or does it go all the way back to the pussy 2e?)  Not that I expect a lot of either in my settings, although I do allow for them and do have creature entries for them.  The ISLES OF TERROR campaign uses them a fair bit.

I don't necessarily have a lot of weird "dark lord" type archetypes, but then again, I prefer that "dark lords" be more singular rather than a category.  The closest thing I have that really fits a literary antecedent is the Ten Who Were Taken from the Black company.  I have no idea what to make of the shield, but it's kinda cool.  (Speaking of the Black Company; while reading about the Greek vampire, with its variant spelling of vorvolaka, I was suddenly struck by its resemblance to the strange undead were-jaguar thingamajiggy called the forvalaka from The Black Company.  I have no doubt that's where Cook got the word.)

I've long tried to make sure that my woses come across less like a PC race (even though they can be one) and more like a monster.  Cannibalistic wose women who run around naked through the woods killing and eating trespassers seems to do the trick.

AD ASTRA has lots of nice places.  I'm not sure that I personally see a downtown space Manhattan as a nice place, but they've gone out of their way in this piece of art from the Star Wars: Old Republic game to make it look like a nice place.

Veterupristosaurus, one of the earliest carcharodontosaurs, and the analog for Allosaurus that was in the Tendaguru formation.  Some workers still believe that Allosaurus himself was in the Tendaguru, but it's based on only a single fragmentary tibia.  It's much more likely that that material should be referred to this species instead.  It's interesting, because along with the prevalence of considerably more maconarians vs. diplodocids in Tendaguru vs. the Morrision, it's clear that the Tendaguru was actually a more "advanced" ecosystem.

Wilbur Whately.  I'm much more likely to use the concept rather than the specific description of this half-fiend spawn of Yog-Sothoth, though. 

A fell-ghast, from the FANTASY HACK monster list.

This is a really cool looking monster.  I'd use byakhee stats for it.  The specific illustration comes from Wrath of the Titans as concept art.

What do you do when an army of undead approaches your village?  I love this picture.  I see it as more TIMISCHBURG-like rather than DARK•HERITAGE, but I could find a place for it in either.

I just can't seem to stop posting pictures of Yutyrannus for some reason.  It's one of my favorite dinosaurs.

I can't decide if I think a good rendering of Abomination or of Killer Croc is better at representing the Oerk race.

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