Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Spookshow by Tim McGregor

I just read Spookshow by Tim McGregor, which is a free ebook.  It's actually only a fragment of a book, although it's long enough to be a short novel.  It doesn't actually end, except on a cliff-hanger.  Of course, if you sign up for his newsletter, you get the second book in the series free, which is actually a prequel to the first (or maybe it's just the first book, and he took a fragment of the second to create this?  Not sure.)

Anyway, while I'm not really thrilled with the way that he structured this; I'd actually have just preferred a freakin' real book instead of what ended up being a teaser, and I'm also not really thrilled with his afterword, where he seems to equate believing in ghost stories with being religious—I have to admit that I really quite enjoyed this book and would like more.  I signed up for the newsletter to get the second book, and if it's as good as this is (so far) I may well buy more in the series (there's nine or ten of them in total, counting this as number one.)

I've said many times before, and I will again, that I think that there's tons of room for horror elements in fantasy, and this is a good example of how they can be utilized—although you'll probably want to move the setting from middle-of-nowhere midwestern town Ontario to your fantasy setting of choice.  Anyway, given that the book is free, I highly recommend that you go get yourself a copy and try it out.

Also; kind of by accident, I ended up listening to YouTube videos of Think Up Anger and Hidden Citizens tracks while reading it.  Can't tell you how appropriate that ended up being. 

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