Friday, October 20, 2017

Out of America

From the Old Gray Hag:
When most Americans think of domestic terrorism, they probably think about the Oklahoma City bomber, white supremacists who wallow in Nazi nostalgia, racists who spray gunfire in black churches and lone-wolf psychopaths like the one who murdered at least 59 people in Las Vegas on Oct. 1. (ed. No we don't.  We think of Muslim immigrants killing Americans and then our treasonous elite tut-tutting us about racism in the wake thereof.)
Not the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It’s thinking outside that narrow box.  In a report that was never supposed to be made public, but was on Oct. 6 by, the F.B.I.’s Counterterrorism Division has concluded that there is a real threat from the “black identity extremist” movement. 
It said “Black Identity Extremist (BIE) perceptions of police brutality against African Americans” has been responsible for “an increase in premeditated, retaliatory lethal violence against law enforcement and will very likely serve as justification for such violence” in the future. 
Wait, what exactly is black identity extremism? The answer is: nothing. 
It’s a fiction, as others have powerfully argued, including Andrew Cohen, a fellow at the Brennan Center for Justice. 
But that doesn’t make the report any less sinister. As Cohen pointed out, the F.B.I. has a "history of surveillance and intimidation of black Americans that frequently goes beyond legitimate law enforcement into paranoia, racism, and political expediency." 
The F.B.I. document takes pains to say that the mere exercise of constitutional rights to protest and even the "rhetorical embrace" of violent tactics "may not" constitute extremism. But the danger — or even the aim — is that the entire racial justice movement gets painted with the brush of terrorism. 
The next time there is an act of violence by an African-American against police officers, brace yourself for the right-wing media or the attorney general or the tweeter in chief to seize on the phrase "black identity extremists."
I'm hardly the only person to notice (Vox Day said as much earlier today too) that there's been an interesting shift in the way the Left talks about race relationships over the decades since the Civil Rights debacle.

During the 60s, the Radical Left was screaming that "black people are just like white people, if you stop oppressing them, and their behavior collectively will be the same too!"  This obvious falsehood was so outrageous that of course nobody believed it, which is why it took decades of indoctrination and careful memory-holing by the news to make anyone accept it of the rising generations that came along later.  Of course, crime statistics made it impossible for anyone to believe who actually knew anything about them, but for those in sheltered, pampered lives, it was a feel-good orison that they could recite at will to affirm their moral superiority to other people who didn't believe that.  Then The Bell Curve came out, and was massively controversial and mainstream.  Keith Richburg's book Out of America: A Black Man Confronts Africa is even more devastating, although most people probably haven't heard of it.  His conclusion?  Africa is a nightmarish dystopia, the cause is not Colonialism or exploitation by white nations, the cause is the natives themselves, and thank God that my ancestors managed to escape, even if it meant that they had to spend a few generations in slavery first—it was a small price to pay for release from the literal Hell on earth that is African culture.

In an interesting case of full-circle history, "conservatives" are now the primary holders of that radical Leftist viewpoint from the 60s that nobody actually used to believe.  This is because "conservatives" have no interest in conserving anything, making their label ironically inept, and because the Left has managed to frame "racism" as the worst (and in fact, possibly only) sin that anyone can be guilty of.  Conservatives are so afraid of being called racist that they willingly adopted nonsensical radical Leftist chants as their own motto, and they've been proudly virtue-signaling for decades about it in an attempt to paint themselves as morally superior and self-righteous to everyone else.  Ironically, it is now the Left who is telling us that, well yeah; of course black culture is murderously violent, so you can't call it identitarian extremism or anything else that calls attention to it without being the new racist!"  There's now a tacit acceptance on the Left of the inequality of various population groups, but as long as the Left can continue to profit from the practice of cultural and financial blackgeld that Americans pay, they'll continue to redefine the made-up bogeyman word of "racist" in whatever way will prolong their paychecks the longest.  But I think they all are starting to feel at a visceral, gut level that in the age of Make America Great Again, the end game of their ideology is approaching.  Hence the extreme levels of irrational panic that we've seen for the last year and a half about everything and everyone who refuses to toe their Narrative line, which of course, is fewer and fewer people every day.

Although Leftist America has been envious of the problems that Europe has created for itself and has therefore tried to imitate them to some degree, we've been blessed by two factors: 1) the Third World masses that can reach America without using modern technology are all from Latin America, and 2) the Third World savages of Latin America are nothing like the Third World savages of Africa.  Read Richburg's book mentioned above and then think of the following.  Africa naturally has a carrying capacity of about 100 million people.  That is the estimated population of Africa at about 1900, during the Colonial "Scramble for Africa."  Today, it has a population more than ten times that that is propped up artificially by do-gooder, self-righteous, narcissistic pseudo-altruists like Doctors Without Borders and We Are the World type charities.  This is why the African population is often compared to a bomb; Africa itself is a dystopian disaster, and the savages that make it a dystopian disaster, who have an average IQ a full two standard deviations below that of Europe, will flood Europe in the tens of millions demanding the resources that Europe has built for its own sons.  The blackgeld that Americans pay is nothing compared to the blackgeld that the Europeans will have demanded of them, which in the end will be nothing less than the complete and total surrender of their lands, their riches, their women, their lives and their very civilization.

What is the end result of all that faux do-gooderism?  The inevitable blood and death of probably close to a billion people before peace and a natural balance can be restored again.  What will emerge on the other side of such a great and terrible orgy of bloodshed and violence?  Who can say?  Will Europe survive, or will it turn into north-north Africa?  Will anything at all like Western civilization still exist?

Similar although probably less extreme problems await North America, but as I said, the Latin American population is neither as mind-numbingly stupid on average, nor as bloodthirsty and violent.  Not that they're like Northern European-descended Heritage America either; we're still talking a standard deviation lower on average IQ for Latin America, massive corruption as a daily part of life, inability to marshal resources and build a First World nation, and the Mexican cartel wars are literally more deadly than the war in Afghanistan.  So no, we can't rest on our laurels and just be glad that we don't have Africa just below our doorstep.  We still need to Build the Wall™, throw out the invaders that are currently in our country and make sure that they stay out (this may include many who came as long ago as part of the (((Ellis Island immigration wave))), and probably hang thousands if not millions of traitors in order to protect our own future.  But things could be much worse.

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