Monday, September 25, 2017

(Delayed) Friday Art Attack

Well, I've been out of town, as I suggested I would be, so I'm behind in getting posts done, including the Friday Art Attack.  But because I've been out of town and distracted, that's the only thing I can think of to do, so I'll do a delayed Friday (Monday) Art Attack.  Once again, I grab some art that I've found online here and there sometime in the last many years, and highlight how I think it would be useful in the AD ASTRA, DARK•HERITAGE or expanded TIMISCHBURG settings.

The stats for Thurse were originally meant to be Warhammer style beastmen, but I saw no reason not to use them for sasquatches, gnophkehs, or any other large, savage, vaguely humanoid but much stronger type creature. Thurses today in my setting are less like the goat-heads, and more like this (some character art for man-apes in a Conan video game, if I recall correctly.)

This is actually a historical illustration; the triumphal parade in Rome of Zenobia, the rebellious "warrior-queen" of Palmyra.  This could be a scene in the nation—that still needs a name, actually—to the northwest of Timischburg; a witch being led to her sentencing after bringing who knows what misery to the long-suffering people.

The Shadow Sword character class is tailor made for a kind of supernatural, shadowy assassin.  He probably wouldn't need to be bristling with knives, since he could create his own out of shadow, but otherwise, this is very much what I'd expect one to look like while working.

Not every Idacharian or Sereaen belongs to the vile ersatzh-Sith Empire.  This is an example of one who is a regular citizen of some Bernese colony world, I'd guess—maybe Gesium, even.

In such a balkanized, colonial world setting as AD ASTRA, hardly every elite soldier is going to be a Praetorian, royal legionnaire, or other such representative of a "Great Power."  Many will in fact be local guys from a local colonial or independent government, and their sphere of influence (and thus fame) may be localized in nature.  That doesn't mean that this sniper isn't as good as any other.

I really love super retro sci-fi, and if I don't have a place somewhere in AD ASTRA for big old fashioned 40s and 50s style rocket ships landing on colonial worlds just like this, then I'm doing it wrong.

Typhon daemon, probably.  I could also use the Dark Young stats, since I don't really know exactly what a Dark Young looks like in real life.  I kind of like this better than a lot of alternatives, actually.

Sometimes I have to remind myself not to always be grim or weird.  A futuristic resort planet with happy sailors on yachts, dolphins and gulls and who knows what else might be the retreat of corrupt politicians and crime lords—or it might just be the futuristic equivalent to Hawaii or the Bahamas.

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