Thursday, August 10, 2017


System: Tr'Udon
Hex Location: 1529
Star Type: Triple (distant) F5 V, A0 V, M2 V
Number of Worlds: 11, 17, 12
Gas Giants: 8, 5, 0
Planetoid Belt: Kuiper and asteroid belt, Kiuper belt only, Kuiper and asteroid belt

Starport Type: C
World Size: Earth-sized
Atmosphere Type: Thin
Surface Water: 20%
Population: Large (9 billion)
Political Affiliation: Seraean Empire, Outremer, Principality of Tan Kajak
Tags: Mining world, Civil War, Eugenic mania
Notes: Tr'Udon is an unusual system; with three stars, all capable of supporting earth-like planets, and each of which having a large cadre of planets, there is an incredible diversity of settlement.  While the main world stats describe the "main" world of the system, in reality, the system has several settled worlds, several of which are "earth-like" to various degrees—many of them are full of silicates and metallic materials, and vast quantities of raw materials are mined from the system.

The real defining feature of the Tr'Udon system, however, is the ongoing civil war for control of the system between two Seraean noble houses, Djak and Parthsor.  Both are branches of the house of the original Tan Kajak himself (descendants of his more distant cousins, to be exact) and as the Baron Kardon Djak was usually deemed mentally unfit to rule, his cousin, Lord Haltoru Parthsor, called Haltoru the Gaunt was pressed into seeking the baronial seat.  For two decades now, these aging baronial claimants have waged war, and the minor lords and knights that support them have brought to bear their forces to advance the cause of one or the other.  This war has spread throughout the varied system, and sometimes beyond.

A curiosity of Seraean culture is that while they do not encourage this type of disunity, because it threatens their ability to project force across Known Space, they do, however, innately and obsessively enjoy this kind of conflict.  Because of the fact that this one spills out of the Tr'Udon system, a little bit, it gets some bad attention at Phovos Mal and from some of the other Outremer nobles, but they tolerate it because it mostly takes place in system, and because it's entertaining as the all get-out to them.

One of the things that the Seraeans of Tr'Udon have done, which is somewhat unique to them, is a cybernetics mania.  They are obsessed with the creation of the perfect soldier, and have created a template of four-armed soldiers, with a great deal of robotic augmentations, that are unique.  A very few of them are capable of becoming psionic knights genetically too, and the four-armed semi-robotic Tr'Udoni knights are among the most fearsome to encounter.

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