Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Dhangetans

Here's the latest version of my map; a bit updated.  You can see, I think, which systems I've detailed—they have a few details imprinted on them beyond just the name.

Since I decided (for whatever reason; partly kinda random, honestly) to center my setting development on the Carrick Grand Marches, a Bernese colony ruled in the name of the Monarchy by a Grand Duke and highly-regarded and placed member of the Bernese peerage, it has behooved me to focus on the immediate neighborhood around this colony.  There are, however, no fewer than ten Dhangetan Cartel worlds that are within a single bulk jump of either the Carrick, or the Carthen Colony; Carrick worlds that were flipped politically by the Revanchists to become blue statelets that have not been detailed except that they have a name.

Well... on the other hand, two of those ten are probably best done in two bulk jumps, because one would create an avoidable and unnecessary risk of misjump.  But, I do have two other Dhangetan worlds that I have detailed; Meni Bana (1627) which sounds suitably foreign, and New Rodinia (1925) which does not.

So; priorities: as I continue to do a few more star system data sheets, here's my plan—finish the last two Principality of Tan Kajak worlds—Perchta (1328) and Erai (1329).  Then go on a big Dhangetan jag, getting all ten of the worlds that are within the immediate vicinity of the Carrick detailed.  These worlds are Moise (1624), Drini IV (1625), Tawasy (1724), Kari Jora (2123), Fthughu (2223), Cadon (2224), Kyuli (2326), Scaley (2327), Kribblu VII (2328) and Sakuleth (2428).

I'll probably also do the Cilindarean world Peleres (1723) while I'm at it, giving me thirteen more data sheets to do.  By this time, I'll most likely be a bit sick of doing them, and will be ready for a break.

In parallel, I've been developing the outline of a plot—for years I've been wanting to write, and have lacked either confidence, time, motivation, or gumption or... something, but I'm getting older, and regret for not doing it is catching up to me.  Quite honestly, some of the Dhangetan worlds are better as elements of setting design than some of the worlds that I have focused on, because they are "wretched hives of scum and villainy" in a rather lawless frontier region, which make for great storytelling opportunities.  Just ask any Western or Pirate themed story.

But I might go through and add a few more names to a few more systems, at least.

EDIT:  Whoops!  I said here's the latest version of my map, and forgot to attach it!

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