Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Back in town...

Nice listen.  Something I stumbled across this morning. I was disconnected from my internet most of the last week and a half, so I'll just drop that for now rather than try to create some kind of new content while I'm actually still fairly distracted.  This podcast elucidates an interesting take on "how to approach reconstructing Star Wars."

A few notes:
  • Don't take yourself seriously.  This isn't "important art"; it's an entertaining story.
  • Don't try to rebuild Star Wars exactly.  This is more like playing with the Star Wars toys outside, where you use Star Wars elements, but rename them and reimagine them like we did when we were 7 year old kids with the old Kenner action figures and stuff.  In my opinion, this is the real key.  L. Sprague de Camp tried to "reconstruct" better writers' stories, but "fix" esoteric and nerdy details about them (Pusadian Cycle vs. Howard's Hyborian stories, etc.) and it just makes him look like a self-important goober.
  • The Force in Galaxy's Edge is maybe more like the Ring in Tolkien.  There's probably only one Sith so far, Goth Sullust (or whatever exactly his name was) and a whole galaxy worth of Gollums, and Frodo Bagginses, who can carry the Ring more or less safely to Mount Doom, don't really exist; they're singular characters.
  • Grand destinies aren't often really what we want.  Let's tell stories about normal people in fun, entertaining situations. (I will point out that few of the characters are really normal people in Galaxy's Edge so far, though.  Wraith the bounty hunter, or Chuun the Legionnaire brevet lieutenant are not normal.  Even the little girl looking for a bounty hunter wasn't just a "normal" character.)  But the idea that maybe there could be better stories about Lobot or 4-LOM, for instance, is a great point.  As Star Wars became more and more focused on the Skywalker family, who apparently are the only truly important people in the entire galaxy, it somehow lost what it was.
  • Like Lucas originally meant; Galaxy's Edge will be "serial like"—nine novels, one out every month, and then a "prequel" series (maybe) after that about the Savage Wars.
  • The first four novels have titles; two are already out, and the third is available for pre-order, by the way:
    • Legionnaire
    • Galactic Outlaws
    • Kill Team
    • Attack of the Shadow

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