Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Randomized Races and Classes

Sometimes you want to carefully craft a character according to a pre-existing vision; and sometimes you want to, as they say, roll 3d6 in order and play what you get.  On a whim, I decided to come up with percentile randomization tables for races and classes that you can use if you want to generate completely random characters.  Why not?  Heck, I may play around with it and generate a couple dozen pregen iconics using completely randomized chargen, just to see what the heck I get.

For races, I've detailed a lot of races and many of them came up during the star system data sheets that I came up with.  Some of them aren't really meant to be PC races, like Death Sages or Dhangetans, but I'll include them anyway, with simply a less 1% chance of being selected. (Only select if you roll 00 0, or 100, and then pick which of the three by using a d3.) If I (or you) roll one up, you'll have to figure out, using the race building rules in the chargen section, how to best represent them, since I haven't done so and don't plan on doing it any time soon.

The color coding is to separate the races into three rough groups: green for the common races, yellow for the uncommon races, and red for the extremely rare races.

d% Roll Name Description
1-6 Altairans Blue-skinned xenohumans
7-11 Cepheids Reptile from Mortal Kombat X
12-15 Cilindareans Nordic warrior culture
16-30 Earth humans From various worlds
31-33 Idacharians Pale, occultist xenohumans
34-40 Jaffans "Rainbow" xenohumans
41-43 Janissaries Dark-haired Nordic allies of the Cilindareans
44-50 Kusans Small, humanoid cockroach-like aliens
51-55 Oerkenites Mixed race xenohumans
56-58 Oerks Killer Croc; big strong reptile men
59-65 Psarians Red-skinned xenohumans
66-70 Robots Artificial humanoids
71-75 Seraeans Pale, Imperial xenohumans
76-77 Arcturans Furry, spine-headed hulks
78-79 Carinan hulks Space ogres
80-81 Cetians Deep Ones in space
82-83 Chimps Planet of the Apes-style chimpanzees
84-85 Gors Planet of the Apes-style gorillas
86-87 Grays Area 51 and Roswell style aliens
88 Orangs Planet of the Apes-style orangutans
89-90 Reavers Furry, predator humanoids
91-92 Sirian reptoids Small, quick reptile people
93-94 Skiffers Horned, scuted and spiky allies of the Dhangetans
95 Syrans Naked mole-rat people
96 Tearaxian hulks Red-skinned native cyborg hulks
97 Thanatites Decadent natives of Thanatos
98-99 Ubrai Green-skinned, photosynthesizing xenohumans
100, d3 = 1 Death Sages Cyborg-liches
100, d3 = 2 Dhangetans Baggy, alien Jabba-gug hybrids
100, d3 = 3 Mattixes Glowing "angels" or "elfs"

The class situation is a bit easier; a d6 (with a couple of contingent rolls) will suffice.  You have to roll it twice, since classes are made up of two class abilities.  Other than affinity and skill bonus, you normally can't take the same class ability twice.  If you get it twice, roll the second one again until you have a different result.
  1. Take the Combat bonus class ability
  2. Take the skill bonus class ability.  If you want to randomize your skill roll, roll a d4
    1. Communication
    2. Physical
    3. Subterfuge
    4. Knowledge
  3. Take the Sneak Attack Class ability
  4. Take an Affinity (there's 15 listed.  I'm not going to try and come up with any kind of "d15"—just pick one.)
  5. Take the Psionic abilities class ability.
  6. Take the Psionic weapons class ability.
The last two results are a little unusual.  If you roll a 5, roll an additional d4.  On a result of 1-2, your other ability will be psionic weapons (even if you already rolled something else) on a roll of 3-4, you will keep a normally rolled second ability.

There is a similar process for rolling a 6; on a roll of 1-3 on a d4, switch your other ability to psionics abilities.  On a roll of 4, you keep your other roll.

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