Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Randomized characters

Well, I'm trying out my randomized characters.  My first pass: I got an earth-human "rogue" who went according to type quite well.  Average STR, high DEX, reasonably decent MND, the Sneak attack class ability and the Stealth affinity.

So far so good.  The backgrounds game is where things got interesting.  I rolled "Between the Stars" as my homeworld, which reduced my subterfuge skill by 2; a major blow considering that my class abilities all depend on it (and got the Vehicle piloting affinity; a poor consolation prize.)  "Swept into Adventure" as a child, my STR was increased to slightly above average (+1).  The adventure?  I was kidnapped by slavers, which increased my Subterfuge skill by +2, completely countering the -2 I got in my first roll.  Sigh.  It happens.

I also rolled up a Hot Shot Pilot ally, a Jilted Lover nemesis, and that I had won a starship somehow in the past gambling.

So; kind of caricature of Han Solo, I suppose.

My next one was a surprisingly strong, combat effective, ex military type gray—and I certainly didn't envision the grays as space jarheads, so that's weird.  He ended up with combat abilities, and affinities for Demolitions, Perception and Stealth.  I never wrote up rules for grays, but I built him as MND +2... before I knew what else I would be rolling.  Both his MND and STR are +4, while his DEX is 0; although he does get a +1 using radium weapons due to his stint of military training (seriously; the grays have military training?)  With a deep-pocketed corporate benefactor and a dark Shadow Knight nemesis, its probably a good thing that he supposedly has a Great Destiny (+2 Heroism Points).

This character is much more bizarre than my caricature of Han Solo; a kind of Marvin the Martian meets Arnold Schwarzenegger's character from Predator.

Actually, now that you mention it, I'd like a race of faceless (except for the eyes) jet-skinned humanoids.  I've got to think that there's some way to integrate them.

Anyway, my first two experiments were a bit of a bust; rather than interesting combinations, I got one somewhat banal result, and one that I actually have no idea what to do with.  Not that that invalidates the concept; I knew from the get-go that any purely randomized plan like this will generate some weird results.  It's more for playing the occasional odd character than it is for using to create iconics.

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