Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Fantasy Hack v1.5

I've updated version 1.4 to 1.5.  The major change is the addition of some descriptive text for the monsters, as well as a handful of additional corrections and updates here and there.  I found that looking at merely the monster name and stats, I wasn't always sure exactly what I meant it to represent anymore without thinking about it, and that was surely much more true for my readers who never had them in their heads like I did in the first place.  It's a relatively minor change, though—and the mechanics are untouched.

The actual document on Google docs is lagging behind this, still at v1.3something, lacking the minor updates that raised us to 1.4.  I'm not quite sure how the best way is to synch them back again; I may end up scrapping the Google doc and copying and pasting the text from the blog entries into Word and just starting over with a new master document C&Ped from here.

For fun, here's a Hound of Tindalos—one of the monsters I felt I had to describe a bit better.

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