Monday, June 26, 2017

Ad Astra "creatures"

Well, the only thing that AD ASTRA really needs (other than some better presentation and maybe some editing) is a bestiary.  A monster manual.  An alien anthology.  Something to represent the foes that the PCs will face that is other than "create PCs and run them as NPCs."

I meant to do this a while ago, but didn't get around to it.  Then I got busy.  Then I made a few DARK•HERITAGE and FANTASY HACK posts instead of AD ASTRA posts.  Then I was on vacation out in the woods with no access to blogger.  Then I got back, but was really busy—buried in post-vacation pile-up and stuff.

So it didn't happen.  Not yet.

To be honest, I'm not overly concerned about it.  You can use the FANTASY HACK version of monsters and whatnot and just rename or reskin them as aliens.  In fact, that's really all I intend to do; take maybe 20-25% of the most interesting entries, give AD ASTRA style weapon damage to the humanoids, and rename everything.  So, it's going to be a lower priority, and I probably won't get to it for several weeks, as I have not only plenty of other things to do, but two more relatively big vacations coming up in short order.  Quite honestly, I doubt there'll be an AD ASTRA ALIEN ANTHOLOGY—4A—until August.  Don't hold your breath.

In the meantime, I obviously haven't had much activity lately that's of interest to the reader(s) of my blog (other than myself.  And mom.)  But I do have a few minor notes.
  • Don't forget to by Nick Cole and Jason Anspach's Galaxy's Edge novel.  Heck, go ahead and pre-order the sequel; it comes out next month fer cryin' out loud.  As a proponent of the ersatz, hopefully "fixed" Star Wars, they are offering what I think is one of the most credible offerings coming out.  Castalia House has been teasing a series called Faraway Wars, and although he's being a little coy, I think I sussed out that Brian Niemeier is the author, and that it's also coming out this summer sometime.  It's a great time to be a fan of the Star Wars oeuvre, even if you're disappointed in the actual Star Wars franchise lately.
  • I've been reading Galaxy of Heroes by Gus Flory, and I almost gave up on it.  It started inauspiciously, with a character captured and forced into being a plot device patsy, but I never give up Kindle books without reading at least 25% of them.  Right around then, it found its feet and got interesting.  I'm still only about 30% right now, but it's pretty quick moving.  I think I'll stick around.

    As an aside, the main hero being a passive figure dragged by fate, other characters, or even worse; merely the demands of the plot, is one of my big-time pet peeves.  I just don't like reading about characters who are passive and have things happen to them.  The only thing worse is characters who clearly need to do something, and clearly will, but first the author has to pretend like his reluctance might actually mean that he won't.  Seriously?  Please don't.
  • I got Rogue One for Father's Day.  I agreed to put off getting it until then so they'd have something to give me.  That's probably not very exciting anymore, given that it's been out for a couple of months, I suppose.
  • I mentioned a few days ago watching the Robert and Elizabeth (no relation) Taylor Ivanhoe but I also just finished the novel recently.  And changed my blogger profile name to match Ivanhoe's alias; Desdichado.  It doesn't really mean disinherited, but eh.  Ivanhoe is a classic work of English literature that will still be read many years after whatever stupid tripe our English teachers are pushing on us is long forgotten.
  • I've got another big trip coming up, complete with lots of time on a plane, and on a cruise ship.  Of course, we'll be busy while touring Alaska, but when on the ship and not hanging out with my folks or my son, I'll hopefully log a lot of Kindle screen "pages", finish Galaxy of Heroes and start Galaxy's Edge: Legionnaire.  I think next on my plate after that will be the long-deferred A Throne of Bones.  I really have a lot of Kindle books to get through, though, so I better stay on target.  To quote Gold Leader, or whomever it was.

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