Tuesday, May 16, 2017

What's next for Ad Astra?

I just finished the worlds of the Carrick Grand Marches, and the Voormellei Federation which serves as an adjacent (and culturally very distinct!) ally to them.  What's next?  I don't intend to do the entire sector before I move on to other projects, or it'll consume everything else that I do.  However, before I take a break from star system data sheets and I think about something else (like maybe getting back to DARK•HERITAGE a bit here and there! Imagine that, on a blog with that name!) I want to do a bit more mapping, so that I have enough data to potentially do something besides tinker with world building in the AD ASTRA setting.  So, I'll continue a targeted approach; doing stuff that looks really interesting and leaving other stuff for later.  Also; at the very least, I probably need to have the rest of the immediate neighborhood done.

The Carthen Colony is among the most important here.  Six worlds, two of which are adjacent to Eliane and Shahar (respectively) and culturally very similar to the Carrick, these are both rival and estranged brothers, in some senses, having thrown their lot in with the Revanchist Republic instead of the Monarchy.  These six worlds (plus two more allied ones) are important to do. Total additional worlds needed here: 7.  Maybe 8, if I add system 1933 to the list.

There are also a number of independent systems that are within easy reach of the Carrick; 2430, 2131, and 2133.  Maybe 1833 and 1734 can be done too, since I'm working on worlds that are allied with them.  Total worlds to do here: 5.

Although I didn't (yet) give it a name, there's a small cluster of Seraean worlds adjacent to Tekeli-li.  Four, in fact: 2331, 2332, 2333, and 2433.  Because it's a bit separated from the Seraean Empire as a whole, it probably needs a name as a unique colony, or dynastic union state, or something.  Total worlds here: 4.

There are a lot of nearby Dhangetan worlds, as the colony is nestled almost completely adjacent to the Dhangetan Cartel's territory.  I don't need to detail every Dhangetan world nearby, but I probably need at a minimum to do 8 of them; the little cluster of 2213, 2223 and 2224, the second cluster of 2326, 2327, 2328 and 2428.  And probably also 1925.

Total to be developed here: 25.  Considering that the Carrick and the Voormellei Federation was itself only 11 worlds, this is a big deal. But once I'm done, I can take a break before I dive into some of the other colonies, including Outremer and Tan Kajak.  Oof.  Those projects are bigger than the one I'm in now.

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