Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Now what's next for Ad Astra?

I had earlier said that I was going to waaaaay scale back my system detailing; but I'm finding that the simple addition of world tags has made that not only much more streamlined, but much more interesting, varied and easy.  I'm thinking that I might actually do a bit more "world building" than I had initially planned before I lay off.

I am going to concentrate on a few particular areas, and I am going to specifically leave some of my color-coded hexes blank so that I have lebensraum for world building later, as needed.  (Heh.)

But what have I got so far?

  • Carrick Grand Marches—a Bernese colony, 7 worlds
    • 1928 Eliane
    • 2026 Shahar
    • 2027 Lyrae VI
    • 2028 Jhantor
    • 2127 New Vesta
    • 2128 Tethys
    • 2129 Gesium
  • The Voormellei Federation—a much more alien nation, loosely allied to the Bernese (4 worlds)
    • 2029 Miroon
    • 2130 Voormellei
    • 2229 Neferre
    • 2230 Tekeli-li
  • The Carthen Colony; a rather tensely held group of systems claimed by the Revanchists—often against the will of the natives (6 worlds)
    • 1731 Metium
    • 1825 Muda Meko
    • 1826 Corvi VII
    • 1827 Beodon
    • 1926 Riesefels
    • 1931 Hata
  • Independent system 2131 Freeport
Total: 18 worlds so far.

If I stick to "neighboring" areas, that means I need to do the Principality of Tan Kajak and the other little Imperial colony that borders on Tekeli-li, but which for some reason I didn't name yet next.  (8 worlds)  Then I've got a few republic allied systems (1727 and 1933) and at least a few of the independent neighbors (2133 and 2430).  A few of the Dhangetan worlds (1627, 1631, 1925, 2224 and the strip of four worlds 2326 to 2428.)  I probably want to avoid getting all the way to the Takach Kingdom and the Emerus Marches, because if I do, I'll end up feeling obligated to start doing all of Outremer, etc.—that's probably more than I want to bite off right now.

Twenty more worlds.  I'm still slightly under 50% of even this modest goal.*  After that, I'll probably stop doing Star Mapping Data Sheets for a little while and doing something else.  I can always come back to the sector and do more later, but I'll have plenty for the meantime.

*Well, I've also done about ten that were based on my old STAR WARS REMIXED setting stuff.

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