Monday, May 15, 2017


System: Miroon
Hex Location: 2029
Star Type: K1 V
Number of Worlds: 10
Gas Giants: 0
Planetoid Belt: Two Asteroid belts and Kuiper belt present

Starport Type: A
World Size: Artificial stationary star-fleet
Atmosphere Type: Earth-like
Surface Water: N/A
Population: 90,000
Political Affiliation: Voormellei Federation (Allies of Carrick Grand Duchy)
Notes: Miroon is a human research colony who's origin is unknown.  An entire race of humans live here, many of whom have never set foot in an actual planet, and never felt gravity that isn't artificial.  That said, there are many planets in this system and although none of them are inhabited or even habitable, yet there remain many ruins of various kinds on the surfaces of several.  This race is believed to be the original race of Voormellei, which are extinct in that system now (except for those who have returned from neighboring systems.)  Extremely pale, the resemble Imperial humans in many respects except for their solid black, shark-like eyes, but clearly developed their culture in isolation if they are indeed descended in some way from the Seraeans.

Although not ruled by the cyberliches of Voormellei, they are closely associated with them, and at least half a dozen liches do live on the hollowed out asteroid city of Miroon.

The Carrick Grand Marches allies of the Voormellei Federation often prefer to come to Miroon instead of Voormellei, which is an extraordinarily inhospitable location for humans, but in spite of the apparently more familiar nature of the Miroonians compared to the cyberliches and their undead servitors, the reality is that the Miroonians are very alien in their culture and thought.  Prolonged exposure to the necromancy of Voormellei and the strange other-dimensional energies of Tekeli-li have made them nearly as strange and disturbing as the undead or the ghast-mutants in their own way.

In spite of their open alliance with the Carrick Grand Marches, the Miroonians do maintain a much more tolerant atmosphere to various enemies of the Monarchy.  Seraeans are often seen in Asteroid City, or in orbit nearby, or exploring the surface of the various airless rocky planets that make up the system.  In a reversal of the normal pattern, there are Reaver slaves who work asteroid and cometary mines and resource extraction.  Aliens of all kinds pass through Asteroid City; slaves going to market, mercenaries off to one of the various fronts, agents of the Great Powers, crime lords paying tribute to the Dhangetans, etc.  Miroon is an odd place, but it does qualify as a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

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