Thursday, April 06, 2017

Warlocks and bulk jumps

I've been making a few modifications to some of the AD ASTRA pages.  As you may have seen, I've added the Warlock class; something that there is no counterpart to in Star Wars.  The name hearkens back to the Destiny video game in many ways, but it's really a space wizard (if you want to be technical, it's a space psion utilizing an m20 adaption of the rules for the D&D psion, flavored for this rule-set.)  Not completely by accident, but a little bit serendipitously, it suggests that artificial gravity and hyperspace travel are not actually scientific, since science knows of no way to do either, which are—in a very real sense—a magical effect, even though they're typical in sci-fi.

I've also added rules for space travel to the spaceships page; a rather glaring oversight from the first draft.  They weren't really necessary when the rules were still at a STAR WARS REMIXED stage, because hyperspace jumps in Star Wars are just handwaved anyway.  In AD ASTRA, they're a little different, and fans and former players of any edition of the venerable Traveller RPG may find them very familiar in feel, if not in exact detail.  In fact, I've specifically referenced an online Traveller Third Imperium map as a sample of how to chart star systems and fill up hexes so that players can use the rules to travel through Outer Darkness.

This isn't meant to imply, of course, that the Traveller setting should be ported to AD ASTRA, merely that I'm using the same stellar mapping conventions.  I don't know of another RPG-style stellar mapping convention that works better.  This does not imply, however, that I'm going to utilize the same hexadecimal star system shortcut.  I always thought that was strange and nerdy, and I usually couldn't remember what any of the numbers (and letters) stood for without referencing a key anyway.  But the idea of using a hex map and limited distance jumps from Traveller just seems like the best option, and it offers exactly the kind of setting detail that is appropriate for AD ASTRA.

A few more appendixes are in the works, to appear over the next week or so: 1) a subsector map, showing a small section of known space in the actual AD ASTRA setting (similar to Timischburg for FANTASY HACK) and more detail on the specific races of AD ASTRA.  The rules have "build your own races" and you can use them to do pretty much anything you want, from any source, including simply your own imagination.  An actual setting, of course, has defined races, however, not just "whatever you want to make."

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