Wednesday, April 26, 2017


System: Shahar
Hex Location: 2026
Star Type: Single B4 V
Number of Worlds: 6
Gas Giants: 4 (Hot Jupiter)
Planetoid Belt: Kuiper and asteroid belt

Starport Type: D
World Size: Moon-sized
Atmosphere Type: Thin
Surface Water: 20% (mostly ice)
Population: Super-populated (15 billion)
Political Affiliation: Bern Monarchy, Carrick Grand Marches
Notes: In spite of it's relatively spartan amenities, this is an incredibly thickly populated world.  Centaur-like natives (see cover of Burroughs' The Moon Maid, especially the Frazetta one) are common and give the system its name, but the real wealth of the system is in the precious metals mines, which are incredibly productive compared to what most rocky inner planets are able to offer.  The high population is partly due to this gold and silver rush, which has engulfed the planet and caused a lot of conflict between original settlers, natives and newcomers—many of whom are not Bernese citizens.
Small colonial town at night
The planetary governor, Sholy Henders has been forced to put strict controls on settlement and building, so most that wander the surface do so in the equivalent of tents.  This is to protect both the colonial towns and cities and the natives.  Vast teeming numbers of people and aliens live in temporary mobile orbital stations, often made from salvaged colonial arks or other decommissioned large ships that could be quickly adapted into a space station, and ships come and go at a furious pace.

Services are growing quickly for space travel as well; although most travelers merely skim the gas giants for unrefined fuel and get their ships fitted and maintained elsewhere in the Carrick colonial holdings.

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