Thursday, April 20, 2017

SW Domain

Just did another domain.  I'll have the whole sector placed and color-coded and ready to start detailing systems by the end of the day easy the rate things are going!
27 systems.  A bit of colonists from the Republic and the Berns, some Cilindarean worlds and a fairly significant petty polity, the Altairan Ascendency (North).

23 systems.  More colonies, including part of Outremer.  Some native clients, some Janissaries or other Cilindarean clients.  I need to remember to be sure and place plenty of native and independent systems here in these southern domains.

25 systems (I do tend to come up a little bit shorter than average, aren't I?  I'll end up closer to 400 when all is said and done than about 425 or so like I thought.)  This includes a few independents, some small Republic presence, the Altairan Ascendency (South) and the Outremer conquests, which (among other things) split the Altairan Ascendency into two.

The rest of Outremer, a decent-sized Bern colony, some more of the Cartel, some Republic and Cilindarean affiliated worlds, and a few independents.  29 systems.  (This domain has a total of 104; the exact same as the NE Domain.  Between the three so-far done, I've got 303 worlds, only seven of which have been detailed.  Lots of work!

A few things pop out when looking at the entire sector (minus the domain that I still haven't mapped); there's a fairly solid line from the top corner up in Republic space to this corner.  There is a small break where they have to piggy-back off of Cartel worlds to continue their run and a few Cilindarean worlds, but they can make a pretty solid run diagonally across the entire sector.

The Berns are not in as strategically envious a position.  The Cilindarean Arm breaks up their main territory in the north from colonies in the South.  There are a handful of allies here and there sprinkled through that territory, but not enough to get from one side to the other.  The Cartel is also broken up into a few "islands" that are not readily reachable without passing through somebody else's territory.  The Cilindareans have a strategically viable position, with only a few isolated systems here and there, though.  Outremer is, of course, separated from the rest of the Empire, but that's to be expected given the name that it has; it's a far-flung Crusader state, not a traditional colony in the traditional sense (although that will be seen more in the last domain when I get there.

I'm not going to post the full sector map again, because I'll just do that when I get the last domain finished.

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