Thursday, April 20, 2017

SE Domain

The final domain.  The sector is done!  This is like a big fantasy map that shows major polities—but with no details.  No towns yet, no rivers, no mountains, etc.  It's just boundaries and rifts in space

Clearly a world subsector defined mostly by a bunch of Cartel worlds and a sizable Bern colony.  I mentioned earlier that I wanted to make sure that Outremer was separated from the Empire (by definition) and you see that there's no way that they can get to Outremer except by traveling through the Cartel or a combination of Cartel and Bern or Republic space (or their allies.)  Allies are often tricky.  Sometimes a rival Great Power will have better luck with passage through an ally, but sometimes worse.  That's a big part of what leads to so much regional tension in this sector.  With the Great Powers trying to secure space-lanes, they almost certainly will want to flip the allegiance of some systems, and most of them aren't picky; outright conquest can sometimes be easier than diplomacy.  32 systems here; a relatively dense subsector!

III-4 is, on the other hand, relatively barren, with rather large rifts and only 23 systems, most of which are clustered in the southern two thirds of the subsector.  The edge of the Cartel just barely hangs over the subsector line, but this is mostly an Imperial sector.

A hodge-podge of different colonies and a few allies and independents—and then on a whim, based just on the geography of how this settled out, I created the Reaver Worlds; a large, powerful federation (that I literally hadn't thought of until right now).  If you think of the Comancheria in about 1850 or so and put it into space, this is what it would look like.  It's a long, thin polity; this is the western half of it.  The eastern half is nearly as large in the last subsector.  I count 28 worlds here; an average density subsector, more or less.

Finally, IV-4—the last subsector.  Unless I miscounted, I got 35 worlds; I think my densest subsector.  Containing the rest of the Reaver Worlds, the rest of the Empire's frontier, and a few other scatterings of other things here and there (including rather precocious colonies by the Berns and Republic, otherwise far from their main areas of strength), we're done!

I get 118 worlds in this domain, which brings the sector total to 421.  In the last domains, I thought I was running a little light, but the law of averages caught up to me, and some more heavily populated sectors here at the end bring me up to within about half a dozen of where I predicted I'd be mathematically.  That means... 414 systems to generate!  The real work; but it's fun work (if it doesn't start getting tedious, that is.)

I won't post the full sector map yet—let me, now that it's filled in, draw out some space-lanes and label some of the polities that are big enough to merit a full label

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