Wednesday, April 26, 2017

New Vesta

System: New Vesta
Hex Location: 2127
Star Type: Double A5 V, O1 V (distant)
Number of Worlds: 14 (7/7)
Gas Giants: 3/1
Planetoid Belt: Kuiper belt

Starport Type: E
World Size: Moon-sized
Atmosphere Type: Earth-like
Surface Water: 10%
Population: Small settlements (600,000 people)
Political Affiliation: Bern Monarchy, Carrick Grand Marches
Notes: New Vesta is mostly a rural farm world.  Having no original native inhabitants of intelligence it's been rather extensively set up to provide for the needs of many in the colony; it especially feeds the many mouths of Shahar, which does not have the capability of growing much of its own food.  Infamous for being rather quiet, one can travel by road or foot or speeder for days without seeing another person; but usually seeing signs of agriculture; robot combines, well-ordered fields, orchards and grazing areas, etc.  Water is brought largely from off-world; low orbit captured centaurs or comets made primarily of ice is the primary vector on what is otherwise an arid surface.

Resting farm equipment in the prairies of New Vesta
There are also a fair number of independent, isolationist, introverted type farmers who have independent, self-sufficient family farms.  These salt-of-the-earth types are the stereotype for New Vesta, but there are at least as many folks who work for either corporate or government sponsored farms, or even work the lands owned directly by the Grand Duke.

While a good 60% or so of the surface is tamed and farmed; the other 40% or so is truly wild, and there are many dangerous predators and prey animals both.  The Grand Duke sometimes brings his more adventurous guests on safari here, where they face incredibly dangerous wildlife that lives in the areas that are not settled.

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