Thursday, April 20, 2017

New Aldemarin Sector polities

Here's the full sector map.  I didn't add much detail, but I did shade it to include the polity boundaries.  It's not perfect (there's a few that have differing political affiliation within each shaded "lump") but it's good for a big picture of the region.

It also doesn't included the really small polities or independent systems.  This is to show the "major" players only.
  1. The Bern Monarchy
  2. The Cepheid Union
  3. Kusa Kymni Group
  4. The Syra Vorte
  5. The Acton Emirate
  6. The Tearaxian Federation
  7. The Revanchist Republic
  8. The Cilindarean Arm
  9. Mattix Independency
  10. The Dhangetan Cartel
  11. The Seraean Empire
  12. The Carrick Grand Marches
  13. The Carthen Colony
  14. The Rhyne Colony
  15. The Bechtel Marches
  16. The Altairan Ascendancy (North)
  17. The Principality of Tan Kajak
  18. Outremer
  19. The Altairan Ascendancy (South)
  20. The Reaver Worlds
  21. The Desai Worlds
  22. The Machesk Frontier
  23. The Calder Settlements
  24. The Takach Kingdom
  25. The Emerus Marches
  26. The Viomium Marches
  27. The Vorgan Than Viceroyalty

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