Thursday, April 20, 2017

NE Domain

Using the tool, I'm generating locations much more quickly than I thought I would, so I can fill in political affiliation and have a great template on which to start detailing systems.  In fact, it's coming along so quickly, that I've already done the NE domain as well—I'm halfway done with the sector!

Of course, creating the data sheet posts for each system will be the real work, but let me enjoy the fiery pace at which I'm doing this, at least, for now.

Subsector I-3 is where I first start using some Dhangeti Cartel and Republic systems.  I'm finding that the Dhangeti Cartel is a bit hard to read, because the gray is too similar to the lavender of Imperial client systems.  I may need to turn it to a much darker gray and use white lettering.  We'll see.  It won't be hard to change the colors on the big sector map if needed.

This is a sector with 26 systems.  Some Bern colonies exist here, especially along the top edge, and there are more Bern allies scattered through the system.

There are fewer independents, as this is a more hotly contested region of the galaxy.  Forays from the Republic are along the eastern edge.  Some far-flung worlds with Dhangeti warlords start to pop up.  These are highly separated from the core of Dhangeti space, and represent worlds that have been with the Cartel for a long time.  Some of the intervening space has been conquered and colonized within the last few years (or centuries) cutting off these warlords from having a direct path through guaranteed friendly systems, if they need them.  Because of that, these worlds are concerned about additional colonization attempts, and tend to be heavily militarized compared to most Dhangeti worlds.  They've also attempted to broker friendly travel agreements thorugh additional worlds on their own, and often go back and forth between cozying up to Bern or Republic allies.  Finally, we're reaching the farthest reach, for the most part, of the Cilindarean worlds

Subsector I-4 is the farthest east that this sector (and thus what I'll be mapping) goes, and it is where Republic worlds start showing up in a big way.  Also a bit light on systems (22), there are a handful of lingering independents, including the Tearaxian Worlds running in a small chain right smack in the middle of the subsector.  The Dhangeti worlds here are even more isolated than those in the last subsector, and there is just the barest hint of Bern and Cilindarean influence here.

Of course, keep in mind that this is the frontier of the edge of the mainstream Republic.  Republic colonies (and allies) will continue to be spread throughout much of the rest of the sector.  The Republic worlds here are considered part of their core territory, however—not colonies.

Republic client worlds are often relatively unstable because of the nature of the insidious and subversive Republic propaganda efforts.  More than any other Great Power, the Republic r-strategist government tends to work on the emotional and insecure idea that people who don't agree with them are terrible people who need to be eliminated from known space.  They don't have the power to directly challenge the main powers, but they lean heavily on independents, and petty polities—and even their own allies—to officially buy in completely to what they're selling.  (Yes, I am purposefully making the Republic the polity of modern, liberal SJW-influenced totalitarianism.  What of it?  Some topicality isn't a bad thing.)

Subsector II-3 is a big chunk of the core of the Dhangeti Cartel in the southern half, but there's still some Cilindarean worlds, a handful of Bern colonists, and the influence of the Republic.  There's even an Old One colony as a stepping stone from the Empire to Phobetor, although it's a little out of the way.  For the most part, the Old Ones get along relatively well with the Dhangetans, who are interested in currying favor with the Empire, but who fear the more militaristic and arrogant Shadow Knights and deny them as much influence, or even passage through their territory, if they can.

Big gaps in this sector make traveling from the north to the south difficult unless you're on good terms with either the Republic or are willing to stop off in an Imperial allied world swarming with Old One cultists.  Cilindareans, for instance, sometimes go around altogether.

We;re still only barely starting to see Imperial presence, although we've done almost half of the sector so far.  Our next sector, II-4 is where they start making an apperance in a pretty big way, however.

There are 26 worlds in II-4 (in general, this domain is a bit sparser than the last one: 95 vs. 104).  There are no independent worlds here at all, only Republic colonies (provocatively right on the very edge of Imperial space), some Cartel worlds, and a handful of client rulers who have held on to their positions by making powerful friends with someone.  The one guy who's decided to snuggle up to the faraway Berns is kinda funny, but there are Bern colonies that aren't too far away, I suppose.  He's a little like New Netherland surrounded by British colonies in a way—although not being colored as a colony means that he's an ally, client or puppet, but still a native, not a colonial.

The majority of the Empire is to the east of this sector, but as we go further south, the eastern edge will still have "mainstream" Imperial worlds.  We'll also start seeing a lot more Imperial colonies in the south.  There's another 40-50% or so of the Cartel still to be mapped in the southern range of the sector.  But mostly I've got the major groups blocked in.  The southern sector is where we'll really see more and more of the colonies.  And, of course, native worlds and smaller polities will continue to dot the southern domains, certainly much moreso than they do in this subsector.

Just for fun, here's the full sector map, so you can glance at the color-coding and see what we've got already for the first two domains.  50% done!  For this map, I've already darkened the gray so the Cartel shows up a bit better.

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