Friday, April 28, 2017


System: Jhantor
Hex Location: 2028
Star Type: Double K6 V, G1 V (close)
Number of Worlds: 13
Gas Giants: 8 (1 Hot Jupiter)
Planetoid Belt: Comet and Asteroid belt

Starport Type: A
World Size: Earth-sized
Atmosphere Type: Earth-like
Surface Water: 40%
Population: Super-populated (35 billion)
Political Affiliation: Bern Monarchy, Carrick Grand Marches
Notes: Jhantor was once a thriving civilization of its own that eventually threw in its lot with the Grand Duke and the Monarchy overall.  It was a rather populous (a few billion) world settled many generations ago by Altairans, but it was used as a dumping ground by the Marian Empire of a number of Jaffan and Psarian criminals and political dissidents.  Even later, many generations ago still, Cilindareans and other descendants of Earth-humans moved in, and are now the majority population.  Numerous aliens also have settled here.  And all of this was before the Bernese appeared in the area, and the Jhantorians agreed to be peacefully annexed to the Carrick Grand Marches.

Jhantor, therefore, is much more cosmopolitan, much more developed, and much more established, with its own long-lived regional culture, than most other worlds in the Carrick colony. It entered the colony peacefully as an already established civilization, where one would expect it to have remained merely an allied world at best.  In some ways, this contributes to the economic prosperity of Carrick overall.  The Jhantor system is famous for its export of refined fuel, diamonds mined in the carbon-rich asteroid belt, its financial district, and other service industries.

Jhantor is also an ecumenopolis; i.e., the entire world is one huge city.  However, that doesn't mean that there aren't fairly sizable parks, preserves, and areas that have gone feral and been largely abandoned to the elements to reclaim.  Like many cosmopolitan ecumenopoli, animals that were either brought for experimentation, for past zoological gardens, or for pets or livestock, have gone feral and roam much of the less well patrolled parts of the planet.

Jhantor is also famous for its spires, that rise literally miles above the surface of the planet, and extend out beyond the atmosphere, into space.  It's also infamous for corruption, which is probably inevitable with a population this large.  It's not exactly a Tars Bruttium-level  Space Sin City, but it's got it's own reputation as a place with plenty of organized crime, decadent pleasures, and more.

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