Friday, April 07, 2017

First draft of the Ad Astra setting

Here's a small sub-sector of the actual AD ASTRA setting.  Naturally, it will mate up to other sub-sectors to the top, bottom, left and right (and also in the corners diagonally.)  I haven't yet updated/adapted my system descriptions from my original version that I wrote years ago into the modern version of this setting, but I'll get around to it.  In the meantime... here's the map, at least, even if it's not with anything else other than the map.  Yet.

A few notes.  The systems are the grayed in hexes.  The white hexes are empty.  There are a few colors; black, purple, green and red.  Those are political affiliations.  Those are sometimes kind of unexpected.  Borders are not hard and fast out in space, so sometimes Bern Monarchy affiliated systems (black) like Garan, Galaine, Alzo, or Kereux are separated from other systems affiliated with the Monarchy by some that are affiliated with the Republic (green) or the Empire (red) or unaffiliated or neutral systems (purple.)  This, of course, contributes to the strain and political tension in frontier regions like this particular sub-sector.

The red lines are bulk jump caravan lanes.  This doesn't matter much if you stay in the sub-sector as opposed to moving further afield, but you may notice some odd patterns; such as the lane in the south moving from Monarch world Alzo to Republic world Karingrane—but that represents shifting political affiliations.  Karingrane was a Monarchy world only a few years ago, but its rulers changed allegiance as a power play during this ongoing Cold War.

Anyway—more detail coming later...

UPDATE: To some extent... nevermind.  I'm going to completely rework the old Traveller star system into an abbreviated AD ASTRA format, and I'm going to end up doing a complete sector rather than subsector based on it (i.e., a map this size times 16).  I may reuse a lot of these names (although chances are I cribbed them from some old Traveller map somewhere in the first place—or at least some of them—but this is more just a sample of what it will end up looking like (kinda) than it is a first draft of a subsector in its own right.

The "capitals" used in my list of star systems for the AD ASTRA setting may well be worked into regional sector capitals rather than absolute capitals of the entire Empire/Monarchy/Republic.  Because, after all, the sector is sufficient space for any number of campaigns.  And with the bulk drive system I've worked up, "Imperial capitals" dictating policy for areas that are literally years away is pretty unfeasible in many ways anyway.

Also; I see this sector as being comparable to the "Scramble for Africa" scenario, with the Cold War maybe leading up to a "Fashoda Incident" and other proxy wars that could potentially—although probably not until after a long season of campaigning—lead up to an Interstellar WWI scenario.

As an aside, I opened up a Google Spreadsheet, went to this wonderful resource right here, and generated about 650 system names, plus some from my map above, and have that ready to go to fill in my sector map as soon as it's ready.

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