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Two planets make up this system. Dimidium Secundus was once the Secessionist Confederacy capital during the Slave Wars.  Although abandoned at the end of that conflict, the Monarchy later appropriated and renovated Dimidium Secundus, and the Secessionist government buildings now make up the bulk of the official buildings of the Monarchy's bureaucracy. The Bern palace is even located on Dimidium Secundus, which in spite of being the home of such bureaucracy and the seat of so much power, remains a somewhat rural locale, with rolling plains unspoiled by over-development, by tradition. The Bern monarchs in general have decreed that it be retained as a kind of garden or preserve world, and the current monarch, Maddav Bern, has reiterated that policy.   
Dimidium Prime, on the other hand, remains an industrial wasteland, a dumping ground filled with junk and sludge. However, the remains of ships and robots means that Dimidium Prime is an important source of resources, and salvage crews and robots scour the surface of his planet with regularity. In the past, Dimidium Prime was quite lawless—following the fall of the Secessionist Parliament, the entire Dimidium system fell into disfavor. Now, being so close to the capital of the Monarchy, the Bern's would not tolerate Dimidium Prime as a lawless junk world, however. Security remains fairly tight on Dimidium Prime. 
That said, it is only lightly inhabited and insufficiently patrolled to be completely foolproof. Dimidium Prime remains a beachhead for the seditious, smugglers, and more.
System: Dimidium
Hex Location: TBD
Star Type: Single star, K0 V
Number of Worlds: 6
Gas Giants: 3
Planetoid Belt: Asteroid and Kuiper belt present

Dimidium Prime
Starport Type: E
World Size: Large
Atmosphere Type: Thin, with slight pollution
Surface Water: 20%.
Population: Small settlements (c. 600,000, at least ⅔ of which are robots
Political Affiliation: Bern Monarchy
Notes: Largely an industrial dumping ground, Dimidium Prime is cold, with a thin, wet atmosphere.  The surface is largely made of bare silicate rock, fungus and other primitive plants, and shallow seas—but it is so incredibly covered with junk—trashed space-ships, robots, space stations, and more from across much of known space, that much of the surface isn't actually accessible.  While this immense, planet-sized landfill makes Dimidium Prime rather uninviting (in fact, the atmosphere is rather thin, and tainted by pollutants from the trash—visitors will rather quickly get sick without face masks that filter the air, and even so the thin-ness of the air makes it often difficult to operate for long.

Surface of Dimidium Prime
The vast reservoir of material makes it a rich mining ground for salvage and raw materials, though, and the Monarchy has official settlements here and there to reclaim much of the junk and make it useful again.  Smelting and reclamation facilities add further to the pollution on the surface.  In addition, all kinds of unofficial scavengers, smugglers, pirates and others who live on the fringe (or beyond) of acceptable society hide amongst the junk, counting on it to defeat the best scanners attempting to pinpoint their locations.  Much of the population of Dimidium Prime is robotic, since the environment is unwelcoming if not actively hostile to life forms.  Many of them are even robots built by robots, and their programming and purpose may have wandered far afield from what the original authorities who sent them had in mind.

Dimidium Secundus
Starport Type: A
World Size: Earth-sized
Atmosphere Type: Earth-like
Surface Water: 70%.
Population: Large (1.5 billion)
Political Affiliation: Bern Monarchy
Notes: As a political capital that's relatively recently reclaimed by the Monarchy (the planet was largely abandoned entirely following the Slave Wars), Dimidium Secundus has a few large, impressive and beautifully built and maintained cities that serve as government facilities, and lodgings of those who work there.  Much of the rest of the planet is given over to the estates , plantations, preserves and ranches of the nobility and otherwise wealthy and influential members of Monarchy society.  As well, of course, as the lower class support staff necessary to keep all of that running.

Approaching the Praetorian Headquarters on Dimidium Secundus
There is also a middle class of bureaucrats and professional technocrats, most of whom live in the cities or suburbs near the cities, rather than out in the countryside.

The largest settlement on Dimidium Secundus is Jewel, which is the home of the Royal Palace as well as the Convocation of the Council of Lords.  Other settlements are the headquarters of the Praetorian Guard, as well as their primary training grounds, and the Academy of Royal Warlocks, the finest Warlock Academy in the Monarchy—an institution that is oft imitated but never surpassed.

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