Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Capital Publius

The first world I'm showing as an example is the first one listed in my list of AD ASTRA sample planets.  Sadly, it's not one that's going to appear on my sector map.  It's the capital of the Revanchist Republic, Capital Publius, and it is hardly going to be located in a frontier sector that the various Great Powers of known space are scrambling to claim.  But... it's a great example of what a world can look like, so I'll go ahead and do it anyway, even though it isn't going to end up featuring later on my map.

The following big graphic is what it would look like on a hex map, were I to add it.  I'm not going to do this for the data sheet posts that I write—this is just to show what they'd look like.  The only thing it's missing is the hex coordinates, which could be located either at the top or the bottom.  The large capital A indicates the starport type.  The small g indicates that gas giants are present, and the small a indicates that at least one asteroid belt is present as well. The green circle in the center represents the world; green is for its political affiliation with the Revanchist Republic.

This is probably sufficient data on a starmap to indicate to players whether or not they're interesting in making a trip to the system.  Of course, once they get there, they'll need more information, and that's where the data sheet comes in.

Here's what I said about this world in my original summary.  I'll want to make sure that my data sheet is consistent with this earlier summary:
Capital Publius currently is the capital of the Revanchist Republic. Like a modern day Jerusalem, its significance to various political groups is huge. To the Bern Monarchy, it rankles that Capital Publius doesn't belong to them, since they see themselves as the unbroken continuation from the old republics through the Marian Empire and into the Monarchy. To them, it is naturally their home planet as well. About 300 years ago, Tiranos Bern, a distant ancestor of today's king, Maddav Bern, declared a Crusade to liberate Capital Publius from the hands of the Republic, which was at that time weak, riddled with corruption and political infighting. The Monarchy held it for a hundred and twenty years even, although the insult of losing their capital finally united the Republic into a semi-cohesive whole. With the recapture of their capital, they officially became the Revanchist Republic, and their revanchist agenda took off, putting them at open war with the Monarchy and the Empire both. It's to their credit that they were even able to survive that time at all, much less thrive and grow, until tense and wary peace settled again uneasily over known space.  
Capital Publius—or, the Cap as it's known colloquially—remains a world rife with political division, class and social division, and more. Dissidents, terrorists, activists, and other malcontents lurk under the surface, and the grim and overcrowded underworld of the Cap is still an easy place in which to get lost, either on accident or on purpose. The bright and classy world of the surface is a different world altogether from the dingy and anarchic underworld, which is patrolled insufficiently by law enforcement to be little better than a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Criminals, political malcontents, and spies make up a shocking percentage of the population. 
The Senate still remains in power, and their rebuilt Senate building strongly resembles the former one. The old Order of the Zen Cross temple is now a public park, though. The Simonians operate frequently on the Cap, but have smaller, more modest temples scattered throughout the planet. Sacristans also live here, and some even tend the old temple, although they have been unsuccessful in their attempt to sue for its return to their order.
System: Capital Publius
Hex Location: TBD
Star Type: Single star, G3V
Number of Worlds: 8
Gas Giants: 3
Planetoid Belt: Asteroid and Kuiper belt present

Starport Type: A
World Size: Earth-sized
Atmosphere Type: Earth-like, but localized long-term sickness in low elevations due to pollution
Surface Water: 60%.  Much of it in towering clouds of water vapor rather than liquid water.
Population: Super-populated (50+ billion)
Political Affiliation: Revanchist Republic
Notes: Political capital.  Few exports.  Most agriculture and other goods imported.  Rich world with lots of well-connected and often corrupt politicians, who have managed to leverage their influence for considerable financial gain.  Almost the entire surface is urbanized, and even much of the surface water has floating cities, or deep anchored towers filled to the brim with people.  Skyscraper districts cover 70% of the surface.  Most of the rich and influential are located very high up in the skyscrapers.  The lower levels are maintained for structural integrity only by a cadre of robotic engineers and construction workers, not for aesthetics, so they have devolved into rather ugly slums that anyone who can afford to leaves.  In the lower levels, organized crime proliferates, and the ability of law enforcement to control the environment is significantly reduced.

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