Wednesday, January 18, 2017

WAR gets political. A little.

Posted on Wayne Reynolds' Facebook page.  He confirmed that the political vibe that you think you see in there is deliberate.  The US is a demented leprechaun committing suicide by cutting off the branch that it's sitting on.

Lots of things to say about this, if one had a mind to.

A few thoughts that crossed my mind, in no particular order:

  • Since when is US so Irish in character?  The roll call of citizens at the time of the Revolutionary War was 85% British (mostly English, but also some Scottish), 9% Low German, and about 3-4% Dutch.  The Irish didn't come until much later, and still aren't that common (10-11% of Americans today claim partial or primary Irish ancestry—and only NYC and Boston have really high concentrations even then.)  That's what it means to be American; ancestry from within the Hajnal Line, especially Anglo-Saxon and Scottish.
  • Hey, Brit-boy!  Mind your own business!  Especially if you think Americans are nasty little goblin-like people, we really don't care what you care to say about us.
  • You're not even as much of a celebrity as the C-listers who made that stupid PSA a few months ago to try and convince Congress to block Trump's inauguration.  Nobody cares what you say.  Take Mark Wahlberg's advice and shut up about political and social issues.
  • As a guy who's illustrated a fair number of Osprey Press military history books, you should know better than most what uncontrolled immigration does to the host culture.  You did the book on the Celts: tell me again how well Celtic culture is doing in England.  Where, y'know, everyone speaks a descendant of the Cumbric language, worships a Celtic pantheon, practices Celtic social and legal traditions, and considers themselves Celtic.  You bag of crap traitor.  Now, having a leader who "threatens" to halt the invasion of the West by Aztec and Muslim barbarians is... instead of actually being a last ditch effort to save our nations without (much) bloodshed, is the guy who's bringing ruination on us by cutting off the branch that we're standing on?  You're too stupid to say anything about political issues.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I can no longer follow the blog of someone who verbally assaults someone else on his blog, no matter how good your other content is. Unfollowed.

Deplorable Gaiseric said...

OH NO! Unfollowed by Anonymous! Whatever shall I do?

I. Don't. Care.