Wednesday, November 09, 2016


We interrupt our normal gaming and science fiction discussion to comment very briefly on current events.

Note: physiognomy works.  There's an exception or two here, but mostly you do not see any male that looks like a man, nor any female that looks like a woman.  Or at least not an attractive one...

And this... holy cow.

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Deplorable Gaiseric said...

An interesting discussion I saw online. Question and series of answers:

"Our marching band teacher posted that he doesn't know how to console kids who are now afraid that they will be kicked out of the USA.

• Make sure he's not a pedophile.

• Tell them if they each turn in two illegals they get to stay.

• Remind them that they will still have their family with them.

•Teach them the Mariachi.

• 1. Sort the students into 2 groups, A) those who have no risk of deportation and are only being histrionic B) Those who face real risk of deportation
2. Report B to the appropriate authorities for removal
3. Assure A that they have nothing to worry about. Spend additional time with them, since class sizes are down, and show them the benefits of an improved teacher/student ratio. Help make even marching bands great again.

• Ask them to ask their parents WHY they broke the laws of this country.

• I'd tell the marching band teacher to shut up and teach marching band. Let the kids' parents console them."