Monday, November 07, 2016

Putting some names to the map...

What are some of the regions of my newly drawn Mk. V DARK•HERITAGE map that are already pretty for sure?  The Six Colonist nations are already established: Westry, the Archenlands, Brochwel, Trondmark, Vingulfold and Agdalen.

Kurushat and Baal Hamazi carry forward from Mk. IV, as does Terrasa and Porto Liure (and the big island of Gandesa that Porto Liure is located on.)

Lomar up north in the forest.  I may well rename the gigantic great lake (in Mk. IV I had the Indash Salt Sea in the Baal Hamazi region, and the Karkose Sea in the Kurushat region.  I don't know that I like either of those for this gigantic lake, though.)  It might have more than one name; one given by the Wendak, one given by the Norsmenn, one by the Kurushi and one by the Lomarians, etc.  Don't know yet.  I admit, I'm pretty tempted to name it the Cerenarian Sea...

The lower, rounder eastern mountain range is to be called the Wendaks, Wendak Range or Wendak Mountains.  They are named after the Wendak tribes that still haunt the region and who former lived in much of the territory now occupied by the Six Colonists nations.  The Wendak are themselves best viewed as an analogue to the Five Civilized Nations of Indians that the early Americans dealt with: the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole, etc.

I'm not quite sure where to fit Baal Hamazi; I'm thinking that they are to the south, in the Hill Country and up to the Great Escarpment.  The Untash, Haltash and Tazitta have spread since then; not only has the destruction of the central power of the Hamazin "unleashed" them, but they have taken back a lot of territory that once was considered Kurushi.  Kurushat becomes essentially a riverine power that spreads maybe as far as the southern shores of the inland sea, and goes no further than Finger Rock into the steppes.  Or do I decide that the center of Baal Hamazi is actually on the other side of the mountains, and that all of the guys that we see on the eastern side of them are "expats?"

I'm actually finding that my sketchy map might be a bit on the constrained side.  Maybe I do want to have more geography located to the west.

Either that, or I need more detail so I can have more variety and stuff.

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