Monday, October 03, 2016

Movie music

Mostly, I'm just putting this up because, hey, they're pretty interesting.  The second of the two videos; the rebuttal if you will, to the first, is the one that strikes me as the most plausible.

Although, honestly, I do quite like a lot of Hans Zimmer soundtracks.

It's curious to see that much of what it decries has always been going on, of course.  John Williams, even though he changed the course of modern movie music in many ways, was just going back to what Erich Korngold had been doing for a long time.  Quite literally, in many ways, with the addition of leitmotifs and more.

It's been quite a while since I did "the DARK•HERITAGE soundtrack" but it hasn't substantially changed since then (I've actually bought fewer soundtracks, which the videos above probably explain to a great degree) but maybe I should do a CULT OF UNDEATH soundtrack, or an AD ASTRA soundtrack.

I've given a fair bit of thought with AD ASTRA to give it a synthwave soundtrack, partially tongue in cheek.

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