Monday, September 12, 2016

New Star Wars small character sheet

I've been looking over my old STAR WARS REMIXED rules and other documents, and realized that my character sheet had some information missing, and was otherwise slightly out of date.  I made some updates and reuploaded it.  I actually did this about three times before I was happy with the state of the document; after I edited it, I noticed something else that it probably needed to have.

This is the one side one sheet version of the character sheet.  The other is two sides one sheet, but the more I think about it, the more I like this one better.  One of the conceits of m20 is that—like very older games—you can whip up a character in very little time that's documented on a small space.  If it didn't have room for space-ship details as well as the character himself, it'd barely be half a page.

I also thought it would be fun to whip up some iconics for STAR WARS REMIXED.  I made one character, but I might yet play around with a few details of him, so I'm not posting him yet, but here's my "iconics" PC party for the setting, which will be at level 3:

  • A young male human knight, no order, operates more like a scoundrel or gunfighter who happens to use the Force and have a lightsaber—human with Force abilities and Lightsaber training.
  • An older male; a grizzled combat veteran of the Monarch's marines—alien (not sure what kind yet, but I'm thinking a larger and stronger than normal one—a "Draxian", to borrow from Guardians of the Galaxy, if I can't find a suitable race already present in Star Wars itself) with Combat bonus and an affinity for Demolitions.
  • A hotshot but kinda geeky pilot who grew up drag-racing on speeders in the tough towns of Tatooine—human with affinity for vehicle piloting and vehicle repair.
  • A trained courtesan (in the original sense—a female courtier; not a prostitute) who fell out of favor due to political machinations and had to flee her home planet.  Some natural talent for using the Force, but never trained—female human with Force abilities and affinity for Deception
  • A combat droid from an older generation.  Heavily reprogrammed, modified and "hot-rodded" to be the equivalent of a true PC rather than a "mook."—droid with +2 DEX as racial traits and Combat bonuses and +3 Knowledge
In addition, the group will have a large freighter as a ship for the whole group to use as well as a detachable 1 man fighter that is not capable of hyperspace travel on its own, and a level 1 astromech cohort.  This will make them, for whatever it's worth, not unlike the crew of the Ghost from Star Wars: Rebels (check out the trailer for Season 3 while you're at it) although their purpose for hanging around together is miles apart, as is the political context in which they operate.

Within the next few days, I'll start posting the actual details of the characters.  You'll notice that the party isn't necessarily "balanced" completely; with a knight, a former soldier, a combat droid, and a sneaky con woman with some Force abilities, they overlap in some degree in terms of specialty (only the pilot is truly unique) meaning that the astromech cohort was probably a good idea to keep their stuff in good order and patch up some skills that the rest didn't have.  But that's OK; as a GM if I got a group like this, I'd see that they probably wanted plenty of swashbuckling combat action—three of the five characters are specifically built for it.  I'd also add some space battles to make sure the pilot got to shine in his particular talent, and I'd be sure that some skulduggery was part of the game too.  This is not a squeaky clean group, exactly.

I also don't have tons of aliens as part of my actual ensemble cast, but then again—neither do the Star Wars movies.

I might whip up some iconic adversaries for them to face too after I'm finished with this group.

This basic summary could also be a great set of iconics for AD ASTRA of course, which I'm going to propose has a similar political context to my STAR WARS REMIXED setting.  In fact, I should draw the explicit parallels, such as they are.  No doubt they'll evolve farther apart in time, but it's no secret that AD ASTRA started life as: "Star Wars if it hadn't been screwed up by George Lucas and the new team."

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